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Stretches In The Steam Room!

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I felt so good and almost cured of RA yesterday that I had the magnet to return ASAP! Up at the crack of dawn and down to the local pool. With my eucalyptus ointment I headed to the steamroom. Not a person in sight apart from the workers. Wow, how the water and the heat makes the joints so flexible! Felt like a ballet dancer in there! πŸ˜‚ Keep stretching! and have a lovely day! X

12 Replies
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Thats great. Well done. Thanks for post. Have a fab day. 😊


Oh. Glad you found it so good. I do wish there was access to hydrotherapy pools as our local pool is jolly chilly unless you really get cracking, so only good for those who can do so. Excellent that you have found what works for you.!

I agree - but my "Ah, bliss" was the aquafit pool at 8.20am this morning. It was warm enough for me (being a very hot person) and the company and the gentle exercise just set me up for the day. It's the lovely feeling of having all my joints supported in the water when I first get in that's so good.

Shalf in reply to oldtimer

Very blissful indeed and yes, the power of water! Great for joints, muscles etc. No weighbearing, no pressure. Good on you x

Hi Shalf. So pleased you have found something you enjoy and is helping you with your pain. You have been through a lot lately, at at last some relief for you. It's roller coaster disease till they find the right meds and you discover ways you can cope. Long may it continue Hugs X

Shalf in reply to Gigi71

Yes Gigi , I think we all have to find our own coping mechanisms as well as the meds. Water is definitely mine :) Not quite convinced about the current biologic yet ( Baracitinib) Hope you are doing well x

Gigi71 in reply to Shalf

They are the new medication Jak-inhibitors, not very clued up on them. Have you been on bio. Meds and failed. I'm back on my Humira after a break has always been a good drug for me, should have taken my mtx last night but decided to wait till after my checkup on the leg ulcer tonight, it's almost healed, thanks to compression. Waiting on a respiratory clinic appointment for a chronic cough I've had over two years not sure if mtx is the cause. Good old NHS takes forever to get an appointment these days. I have my pain clinic appointment through on the 27th September, have been waiting since February, this is for OA in my back I have a curvature of the lumber spine and a couple of other issues. As Sivi says RA always brings its friends to the party. 7 of us off to an afternoon tea later, not soo healthy but, hey ho. X


Shalf in reply to Gigi71

Hey Gigi, Afternoon tea with friends sounds healthy to me :) Hope it's full of laughter as that is always good medicine! Yes, the Jak inhibitor Baracitinib is a fairly new drug to the UK. Been on it almost 3 months now. Have had more good days than bad but inflammation still present. Seeing Rheum in September. Was on Entercept for a while before this one. Self injections. No relief with that one and a few side effects ( nausea, weakness, tired and hungry all the time!) I think some self lifestyle changes added to the meds makes a difference. If you enjoy something, you feel better. I think so anyway! Have a lovely day :) Suzie X

Sorry Susie a delayed reply. I had a great afternoon thx, actually Tuesday's is sisters day and during the holidays grandchildren too. So her two plus her hubby and two of mine. Soo full after and I am a lightweight re carbs. I always feel better when I watch my diet. Girly day with 17 year old granddaughter yesterday, absolutely cream crackered last night, but so much fun. Missed telephone call from my rheumy nurse saying she has looked at my last bloods and wondered how I was to discuss with rheumy to see if I can go back on my meds. Too late, when I didn't hear back last week I went back on them anyway. It's good to hear you have more good days on the new meds, it does take time to work, although as I say I'm not very up on the newer ones. Humira was a miracle drug for me once it started to work. Just a few more health issues these days. All the very best to you and take lots of care too. Hugs Georgie X

I love a good soak and stretch in the bath filled with Epsom salt πŸ›

I agree with your comments around the steam room. I also love using a sauna adding eucalyptus oils to the water when pouring onto the hot coals ... the affects are amazing! (even if a little too hot!).

Shalf in reply to NathanT

Great isn't it :) X