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Not again!!!!!


Well sacked over the phone again, because people don't understand. Got told yesterday by my Dad to shut up about having RA because from an employers perspective it can stop work being done. How can I keep it quiet when if I'm off so much because of aches and pains being tired they will ask what's wrong and why didn't I say in my interview, I'm not a LIAR and don't like secrets. I need work.

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I can't like your post because i think it is so wrong to sack you like that,I think you should sue them as they have to take in your disabilities. Hugs darling.xx

Claireb1985 in reply to sylvi

Exactly what I'm going to do, they can't do anything because I didn't sign a contract of employment, I had no induction and they never asked for a P45.

You don't need a contract of employment until you've been in the company for 13 weeks and an induction isn't a legal requirement. The tax can be sorted without the P45. I seriously wouldn't bother attempting to contest it and if you've only been there for a short time, you'll probably still be within the probationary period ( I'm assuming here, I know). It would be much better for you, to look forward and find something more suitable.

BoneyC in reply to Claireb1985

A contract of employment can be verbal as well as written!

You absolutely don't have to tell them at interview, but once employed you can ask for reasonable adjustments for the RA. And under the equality act you can't be sacked for having a disability - so it depends why they sacked you.

Thank you. They said I was slow and basically wasn't doing things how they wanted, apparently people said things about me and I'd rather they tell me to my face. To be honest they made me feel stupid and useless anyway.

Hi Claire

Sorry to read this. First thing that got to me was your dad telling you to 'shut up about RA' Sounds like your dad needs some education on auto immune diseases and the difficulties they create in our lives. Understanding is what you need. If you aren't receiving that at home and from work then I advise you to make a double appointment with your GP to have time to discuss everything about how your feeling. He/she can then assess your capabilities for work and assess your current meds etc. As far as your recent employers are concerned the advice from helixhelix and Sylvie is the route to take.

Keep us posted

Suzie x

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I will admit I was ignorant on RA years ago as my mum had it. When I was home on leave I used to often give her large sums of money. In a flash she would be off into town shopping buying new clothes. I used to think to myself, where there is a will there is a way. I was a naughty son.

Many people do. It understand RA until it hits them. We only see physical disabilities, thinking back my mum was crippled with it and I did not make the time to understand and like many others just thought a type of arthritis.

O used the fly her over to Africa on nice holidays to see her sure helped with the depression that came with RA.

I'm afraid I do think you have to tell any prosective employer as it would be dishonest to withold information which may prevent you from fufilling the duties and responsibilities of the position. That said RA is not a condition which can't be controlled so a reasonable employer would be able to take into account that some minor adustments might need to be made in the workplace. I suppose it depends on the job really and whether or not your RA is controlled by medication which it could and should be.

I'm an employer and I have RA. You do need to tell your employer at the interview, otherwise, they will be unable to help you. I employ a number of people with auto immune issues, such as Crohns etc...they are incredibly valuable members of my team and they work from home so no commute etc... Look for jobs that offer flexible working as sticking to set hours may be an issue for you. I know I would struggle with the 9-5 now.

Personally, I wouldn't waste much of your time trying to contest it as the odds will be stacked against you if you've been employed under two years. Better to focus your energy on looking for something that will suit you better. There will be something out there for you 😀

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Sensible advice

Spot on advice. Employment law is clear on this subject. Find something flexible that you can be confident in doing a good job. RA by it’s very nature will impact your options and employers are not bound to accept lower performance due to your condition but are bound to make reasonable accommodations and changes to process to help you in the job. But you must notify them of your condition . I really sympathise - I’m not an RA sufferer but my wife is (which is why I subscribe to this forum). She’s had to completely rethink the whole subject of work too.

I told my employer up front. I always stress I don't want sympathy just understanding. It's convincing them you're not going to be a liability. Take care xxxx

Definitely. My guys that have Crohns and MS are seriously my best team members. We can all work around the difficult times and it's just a case of give and take.

Oh my goodness, I feel so sad for you. I am like you and wear my heart on my sleeve. Of course it's necessary to make them aware and if you are in pain how can you do otherwise. I agree with the previous post get advice from someone, I don't think this is legal. Thinking of you. Chin up.

I remember two of the staff at the local jobcentre advising me not to mention my RA at a job interview they were arranging for me. Good advice I don't think!

Not telling a potential employer upfront would go against you bigtime should there be a future legal dispute. Even if someone is a member of a trade union (which sadly most people are not), I doubt very much if they would take on such a case.

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What would happen if you were working with chemicals and dropped some while in pain, friend works in a zinc plating co and he has RA, never told his employer, would the ins pay if he caused an accident

wishbone in reply to Hidden

Can't answer that I'm afraid.

Might be best for your friend tell his employer if there's a danger he could cause injury to himself or his workmates. Maybe they could give him a more suitable job.

HappykindaGal in reply to Hidden

I know a bit about HR, but not an expert. My guess is that it wouldn't pay out hence why many companies in pre employment checks, ask about health issues.

In the US if you are open about having a chronic disease, it may keep you from being hired because the more you use the company insurance (assuming the company offers insurance nowadays) the higher the insurance will be for everyone. If you’re open about it after hire, the employer can always “find” another reason to fire. Either way, you’re pretty much at the employer’s mercy.

Hobbits in reply to Seahorse02

Pretty much the same here in Canada. Employers look to potential benefit insurance usage. They can tell, for example, someone is using 34,000 a year just for biologic drugs alone....they don’t know which employee, just that someone is using it. Heavy usage can cause their rates to go up. If they are smart and know your disease they could figure out who has heavily used the benefits. Haha kinda funny since you have benefits for just this reason! Revealing your disease could also potentially stop any future promotion or even have them looking for reasons to get rid of you, especially if your disease noticeably causes you to perform ‘less’ than the status quo. Most jobs I personally have had and hold now, require a physical by a MD and to ensure you are healthy enough to do a physical job and lift a certain amount.

I think each situation is different. Yes, if you are a safety risk then I think it’s your obligation to say so. However just having a disease doesn’t mean your a safety risk. It depends on your disease, the progression and what job you are doing.

We have generally a six week trial period. I work in healthcare field. They can fire you for no reason within this time frame. If your still employed after 6 weeks, then they need a damn good reason to fire you.

Some work places are kind and have understanding management. Lots do not, especially if they don’t understand your disease. And most don’t ‘get it’ until they ‘get it’

I agree with other poster. OP should move on and find something else if they were not at that employment very long. Still a terrible way to be treated though.

Perhaps you can, as others have said, work from home or find something that you can control. I do Uber and I have that control. I know my limits: 2-3 hours and I volunteer when I’m ok to do so.

There are a ton of contracts too that you might enjoy from home.

Dont you get disability?

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I would like a job working from home, stay home dad seems great 🤪😜

nablur in reply to Hidden

Well I live in the Silicon Valley so there are a ton of work remotely jobs here.

HappykindaGal in reply to Hidden

Look at companies like Sensee, Enterprise Cars etc....they're all work from home jobs. They are customer service, but flexible.

I feel your pain I’ve just lost my job in the nhs nursing 23 years service now I’m wondering what’s next for me . Am I entitled to help from the government which I’ve paid into since I was 17 I’m now 52, how does this all work. I’m so worried my husband works so we’re does this leave me.?

Hidden in reply to Vonnie10

Surely SSP and also this PIP thing.

Vonnie10 in reply to Hidden

Minty I’ve been of from work so I’ve had pay I’ve worked there practically all my working life work was more than fair it’s the system I can’t work it out got a citizen advice tomorrow I’m xp so stressed over it all plus I’m in a huge flare not treatment except steroid jabbs due to me failing on loads of drugs pure nightmare .

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As you know the whole system is a rollercoaster. I only found out today that I am entitled to child allowance. Although I have paid UK tax all my life as in the forces I do not understand the minefield of the Benifits system.

Sorry for my poor typing as it is not easy for me to correct on this phone

Vonnie10 in reply to Hidden

Minty I suppose I will survive, will see what the cab people say, it’s maddening that there is genuine people not getting what they’ve paid into, whilst people who never paid into it gets everything, makes my stomach turn.

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I am cross as I have been reading an article about people that come from Europe, people that come to 🇬🇧 are told what they can claim. I hope that it is not true. No one has told me what I can claim and I am having to find out the hard way not that I wish to be dependent on others, it is nice to know what I am entitled to without having to rely hugely on friends. Without my friends my daughter would have to gone into a foster home. I have not even received a letter from social welfare offering me support. It is not about money just nice to know where to seek help. CAB is about 25 miles one way and presently not allowed to drive. The pip interview is going to cost me around £70 In taxis as no regular public transport here. I wonder if I can claim this from

Atos healthcare interviewers

Cheylann in reply to Hidden

Of course they will pay for your transport costs.

Seahorse02 in reply to Vonnie10

@Vonnie10 - Blessings your way.

Age discrimination rages on in today’s workforce - so so unfair. We work our behinds off all our lives and when we finally have the common sense that can only be had from experience, employers look for younger ones with none. Wishing the best - and a speedy best for you and Claireb85.

You have a disability !!! Have your RA dr write a restriction note that you need time off when you have a major flareup. Your dad should be more empathetic. You didn’t ask for this F**cking disease !

Cheylann in reply to Dee0302

How can someone who doesn't have this disease be truly empathetic. They can't and I think sometimes people think u r making it up how severe the pain is.

Hiya Claireb1985

I'm really sorry to hear about your job loss. Had you only recently started with the company? From your post it reads as though you'd only been there a short time. Unfortunately, the current government changed the employment laws not long after they got into power and an employer can terminate your employment within 16 weeks regardless of your disability. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had only been with my employer for just over 6 months when I found out about the cancer. I had to go on long term sick because the cancer removal made me seriously ill and my line manager turned nasty. She would ring me up and shout at me to return to work stating that there was nothing wrong with me now that the cancer had been cut out. After being off sick for about 3 months she called a meeting with HR to discuss my job and she got a shock when I had a union rep with me. I'd never joined the company's recognised union because the union rep was a part of senior management and would be biased in favour of management. I was told that they recognised unions but I didn't tell them that I was already in a union before I joined the company. So, they got a shock when I had union representation and they couldn't bully me. My employers then requested that I attend an Occupational Health Assessment, which I did. The GP doing the assessment agreed that I was too ill to work and not ready to return to work. I then instructed my union to fight on my behalf for a severance package. I could have gone to a tribunal because they were breaking disability discrimination laws but I was too unwell to go to courts, and I didn't want to return to my old job and managers if I won my job back. So, severance was the best option and I managed to get a small lump sum and my holidays paid.

What sort of work do you do? Perhaps, you could look into joining a union so you have help when you get your next job. I know my story is cold comfort for you but I do sympathise with your situation.

Try to keep positive and hopefully something will come up soon.


Ive stopped mentioning my aches and pains as noone listens or really cares. I get on with daily chores as best I can pushing through the pain and tiredness. If I didn't I would not have any life. I will not give into the pain and still walk my dog sometimes hobbling with stiffness and pain. Don't expect people who don't have it to understand. It's like anything in life. U have to experience it to really have proper empathy. I feel yr pain.

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We hear you 🤗 and understand

Oh wow, I can't believe the response from all you amazing people. This is where I can get the real help because you know and understand what I go through THANK YOU!!!! I should be sorting myself out soon, handing out cvs again today but even walking around will be a achy experience but I need work to you allxx

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