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Advice for Rituxan plus adding Arava?


Ok, I could use a little advice here. If you view my history, I've been on a multitude of DMARD's and biologics for over 20 years with average to good results. The latest is Rituxan; however, I still deal with the fatigue and "sick" feeling. So, my dr. has added Arava to my Rituxan infusions. Any hope out there? I could sure use some hope. Thanks.

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I've been on Leflunomide for years. It works well for me, but it does make your blood pressure high. Also have Rituximab (now Truxima)

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Thank you so much. When did you add the Rituximab? Would you say you are in a medicated remission?

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I had my first 2 infusions just over a year ago. I have Leflunomide for RA, MTX and Rituximab with Pred for Vasculitis. Also have Zoledronic Acid for Osteoporosis. I'm not in any kind of remission although my RA is fairly settled in spite of the fact that my Rheumy suggested I take it on alternate days due to my high blood pressure. But as I'm also on Pred, which also affects your BP, I would like to change it for a different DMARD.

I've been on LEF (Arava) for over 4 years no problems and blood presuure is fine. GP checked this morning xx

Hello there ccl51,

Your Drug path does look quite familiar as I too have been through it all. I think it is the way when you have more than one issue to deal with, or so I’m told.

I have been on Retuxan for several years now quite successfully. Along the way as it appeared things were looking to perhaps flare in one disease or another I would be put on an add on drug, along with the Retuxan. This has worked quite well with an adjustment period with each one. I do ask my doctor each time how long it takes to take effect and how long it will take before I should notice any improvement. Sometimes this can be weeks or months. So do Ask, perhaps this lack of energy will go away.

As for the sick feeling, I jump through hoops to get rid of that! All over the counter fixes but if you are talking nausea, email me privately and I’d be happy to go more into detail.

Do hang in there, I have found in giving my meds a chance to work my life, while not exactly the same as others, is pretty normal.

Good luck!


Been on leflunomide for 10 years along with Humira and prednisone. Had a bit of an issue do to suppressed immune system could not fight off a virus so had to stop leflunomide and humira. A year later my RA is so bad I am back on both . Still not doing as well as I was for previous 10 years but so much better . Praying to get horrible flare manageable - plain is better but still glaring pretty bad. Leflunomide is a good med for me - good luck

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