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Update from Mattcass.

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Hi There, Sorry for not being in touch the latest update is very good my transplant is a success the new lungs are great it.s like being born again, i had only one issue after my operation i never had the strength to bring up the Flem in my new lungs and I collapsed 4 days later they put me into a induced come for two day and went back in to my new lungs and cleaned out them out it was like two transplant within 4 days, my recovery since then has been remarkable i was ready to go home after 4 weeks my Lung capacity was at a level of 92% after 4 weeks when they are happy when others are 50% after 5 months they say they have never seen stats like this, If anyone wants to know anything about my operation please ask and i will be happy to answer.Mattcass

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Great I bet you feel like a new person

Thank You I certainly do.

Congratulations darling Matt and long may it continue for you my darling.xxx

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mattcass in reply to sylvi

Thank you Silvi .

Sounds fantastic!

What amazingly good news. I am so pleased for you, and your wife.keep it up Was just thinking of you this morning, and wondering how you were doing.

Hope you will now go from strength to strength.

Take careo

That’s fantastic and an amazing recovery, well done. Enjoy your new life! X

Incredibly happy to hear your transplant was such a success. May Your excellent recovery continue x

Amazing News, I'm so pleased for you and your family.

Is your RA behaving itself now and allowing you to make the most of your new life?

Fantastic glad the new lung is working well for you

Wonderful news! I'm so thrilled that everything is going so well. Hugs


Great news Matt, so happy for you your recovery has been remarkable. Sending love to you and Fran xxx Rie

Congratulations. It must feel as if you have had a second chance of life for you and your family!

I believe in miracles, you crazy thing .....🎵🎵 Well done you and your wonderful medical team!

Congratulations and here is wishing you the best as you progress...

Fantastic news Matt, so pleased for you. :-)

Great news ! Wishing you nothing but the best of health. 😊

Well you do keep fighting don't you!!! Well done - together with your team of medical and other supporting members.

Wonderful news. X

HI Matt Sounds like you had a rough go, so glad you are doing good.Hope your health continues to get better.

Congratulations Mattcass!!

Nice to hear that

That's such great news. So pleased it they got you sorted after op 2. You'll be a new man now. Wishing you all the best. X

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