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Ankle is actually broken!

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Oh no! Thanks for the lovely replies about my ankle injury- just had a call from hospital and it is actually fractured so I have to go back in and get a cast. Nightmare as can’t drive for at least 4 weeks- not sure how going to manage family life with me out of action. But could be worse- not fatal 😏

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Ouch, you poor thing. Does RD make us more susceptible to breaks do you think? I always worry about putting too much stress on wrists especially, feels like you're recovering from broken bones most of time anyway lol. Wish you a speedy recovery

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I know exactly how you feel ☹️ , I slipped a disc at Christmas and have only been able to drive 2 weeks ago . I was lucky that my son drives and is home every day at 2.00 and could do my shopping, my husband had to do all the running round at the weekend. It is so frustrating but family and friends were very good. I hope you are able to get something sorted and you get the chance to rest up so your ankle heals up quickly 🌸🌸

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Thank you 🙂I got upset this morning as it suddenly hit me how stuck I am - now trying to get organised head on and sort out school runs etc. Soooo annoyed I did it 😫

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Let's hope the family all chip in & get everything sorted......I bet the next four weeks will make them realise how much you contribute!

I broke my arm last year & as I live alone I just muddled on & it was fine very Untidy ...but fine!

Wish you well!

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Thanks- the kids are very good in the house already (trained well because of my RA😏) but unfortunately can’t drive themselves to school....we live in a village and need to drive pretty much everywhere. Bad for climate and mums with broken ankles ☹️

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Can't you pop the kids in someone's boot on the school run.......& promise to return the favour when you can drive again???

Sorry to be flippant...but do try not to stress too much...these situations do have a way of sorting themselves out.

I don't know how old your children are, but could the school send work home for them until you can drive? You could always ask....or maybe they could arrange a lift for them?

It must be so hard for Mums In your situation....hope you heal quickly.

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That would be good to stuff them all in a boot 😂 am calling round people now. We have a lot of kids so it depends on car space to fit them in and unhelpfully we live in other direction to everyone else at school. Yes these things do pan out ok usually

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I have done exactly this,

Walked around on it for 3 weeks too as I thought I would be told it’s your RA !!

I’m sure you will get everything organised that what mums do xx

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