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Broken Leg !

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A busy day planned so a shower then for some fun. The fun turned out to be a visit to A&E and X rays then orthopaedic consultant. My right femur is broken in two places and crikey it hurt. So now home in a boot and with a cup of tea , I'm feeling sore but thankful. After reading so many posts about the NHS it was great to experience great treatment, not the fastest I have to say as it was busy so it took a while to be triaged then sent straight to x ray and round to trauma team. But from going to in to getting the boot and crutches it took only 4 hours and the staff were great. Thanks to the NHS I laughed through the pain of manipulation and reassuringly told my bones are fine its just an accident that happens sometimes. I managed to break my leg by tripping over a step and falling on the edge of the ledge that's been there for 38 years and so I just tripped and landed badly. I was not drunk either ! lol

46 Replies
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Oh no .. sorry to hear this. Hope the weather stays nice so you can sit outside too. Healing wishes. X

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Sorry to hear this but good to hear that the NHS looked after you.

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I'm sorry to hear this. As you say, the ledge has been there for 38 years but these things happen don't they. Glad you got good treatment and I hope you heal well.

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Oooh nasty! I do hope you are well supplied with painkillers and pillows to help ease things. Sending hugs and healing thoughts

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Ohhhh noooo and not a drop of drink in sight! At least the experience at the hospital went well so not adding stress. So relax and no dancing tonight for you x

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Oh no! What a shock. Get well soon.

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Eek! Lots of chocolate and TV watching on the menu! 🍫📺

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Oh no !!! That’s really bad luck . You have a very good excuse to sit down with a good book or magazine do you know or have they told you how long the bone will take to knit itself/mend . I tripped and fell in the road two years ago , there was a pot hole in the road . I cut my face really badly and bruised all over , but the worse thing was the awful shock of it. The chemist shop took me in and dressed the wound , this happened just before Covid so it must have been longer than two years ago . Anyway I now have a terrible fear of falling . I do hope you sleep ok and can get reasonably comfortable tonight in bed . 😊

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Goodness ML, certainly a busy day for you, just not what you had planned. Speedy healing.

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It happens so quickly ask Kags on here as she is recovering still nearly 2yrs on. Also my friend broke her arm just taking the covering from her birthday flowers. I broke my ankle in two places just taking some plants into the garden down two steps. I had a week in hospital and i can't remember laughing so much on the ward with the nurses. I have also found the staff down my hospital marvelous. I hope you soon recover darling and hugs, xxxx

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awwwwww ouch, that sounds very painful, sending loads of pos thoughts it heals very quickly for you x

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Some days just don’t work according to plan do they? I hope you’re not in pain and that healing goes well

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What a shock you had. Hope it heals quickly and you are not in too much pain.

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Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the break heals quickly. At least you’ve been reassured that your bones are ok.

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Oh goodness, sending best wishes 💐xx

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Sorry to hear and hope your pain is under control. I’m surprised they are treating fractures of the femur with a cast, normally that requires surgery. Unless you meant fibulas at the ankle. Rest up and keep that leg elevated. Hopefully you have family around who can be your go fors 🤪. It’s so easily done, but glad you had a good experience of the nhs. Take care 🤗.

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Kags1068 in reply to Maureengibson

Hi Maureen

Yes, I thought exactly the same about treating a femur fracture with a boot. Having broken my femur in Jan 21, I hadto to have a major op straightaway (an ORIF procedure) and then due to non-union and failing metalwork another op in Jan 22 to put in a longer hip replacement stem as well to try and get it to heal. Thank goodness it's slowly healing now. Either way, whichever bone it is, it's still painful and no fun at all!!

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Maureengibson in reply to Kags1068

Agree completely, any bone broken is extremely painful. I was just concerned if they are treating a femoral fracture like that. Wouldn’t want ML suffering and prolonging healing of her injury 🤗

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Kags1068 in reply to Maureengibson

Absolutely- that's what I was concerned about too. I was glad you pointed it out as you know what you are talking about! I was worried about how a plaster or boot could support a broken thigh bone, and whether that would cause problems. Obviously you've had a lot more experience than me of dealing with different fractures so I was relieved when you said. So useful to have a bit of expertise on here 😊😊

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medway-lady in reply to Maureengibson

You're right its the small leg bone behind the big one. They said it so fast. Bloody hurts though. lol x

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Kags1068 in reply to medway-lady

I'm relieved you've got the appropriate treatment. I'm not surprised it bloody hurts - bloody painful experience!😳 Just sorry you're having to go through it. Do hope the pain settles over the next few days and REST!! X

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Maureengibson in reply to medway-lady

I’m relieved that your being treated appropriately. I’m sure it bloody hurts, so try and rest it up as much as you can. Hope the pain settles soon. Take care 🤗

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Oh no ML, sorry to read your news. A fall is always such a shock to the system, as well as dealing with the awkwardness of the broken leg, crutches etc. I prescribe a big box of chocolates and some good DVDs to watch. Big hug 🤗

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Oh flipping heck that wasn’t the plan at all was it ? It’s so easy to come a cropper even with things that we’ve walked over or around for years and years. Anyway glad the treatment was good and certainly hope you heal well and quickly even if it means you have to do as you’re told and stay off it for a while. I know there will be things that will drive you nuts whilst you’re waiting to heal but you’ll be up and running so to speak before you know it. Start planning the next celebration when you’re all better.

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Sorry to hear about your little, ahem, escapade. Definitely not the kind of fun you were hoping for. 😳 I guess that at least you would've had the proverbial clean undies on?!😉

Seriously though, I hope the pain is manageable, and it heals quickly. Do make the most of any treats being offered too!! X

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medway-lady in reply to Kags1068

The husband is doing a stir fry tonight! not sure who much it'll cost to clean the kitchen afterwards though. lol He has been so funny and ordered a shower seat for tomorrow and a raised loo seat too. I've become an old lady for a few weeks. And crutches are really hard to use too.

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bpeal1 in reply to medway-lady

I know they are expensive but I have found these crutches far more comfortable to use.

I’ve not looked but you may be able to get some second hand on EBay or similar.

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medway-lady in reply to bpeal1

I'll look them up thank you. x

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Kags1068 in reply to medway-lady

Watch out for slippy kitchen floor if he tends to fling things around!😁 I know it's a pain, but he is being sensible ordering the bath and toilet seat. I have to use them, and they do help, and will keep you safer (and re-assure him too probably). Crutches etc can be a nightmare, particularly on upper limbs. I wasn't sure whether to mention that! I've been using a mixture of a gutter frame and gutter crutches since Jan 21 now, and frankly, I'm quite bored with them!🙄 Don't know what sort of crutches you have, but if they're "normal" ones and they start causing more hand/wrist pain, you could keep gutter crutches in mind as a back-up as they do distribute the weight a bit better through the arms. Hideous looking though (not that we can fuss about that)!! 😉 x

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medway-lady in reply to Kags1068

I've got the standard NHS ons so will look up the smarter ones as I know its only for a few weeks but comfort is a priority. lol x

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What a change to your planned day , hope you are recovering from the shock. The system now for broken bones is much different and it saves you going back next day . But do take care as it will be painful for a while and then it takes a while after the boot comes off to get muscles working well again you may need Physio . For now you need to rest did they give you a number to ring in case of problems ? They did when I broke my foot. Take care , go slowly , you sound in good spirits to keep you going think of what you can do in two months time when the bone has healed itself. Arn't our bodies good they can heal them selves if given the right support & time. Best wishes for a good recovery. Enjoy sunbathing while you can.

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bpeal1 in reply to katieoxo60

Your reply made me think of my son when he was younger. He broke his leg (sledging accident!) when he was 3 1/2. A couple of years later we were chatting in the car and being the daredevil he was (and still is) he was coming up with some crazy activity plan. His sister who is 3 years older and far more cautious said “Why would you want to do that? You might break your leg again!” To which my son replied “It’s OK bones mend”. My thought - Great!! The only thing you learnt from breaking your leg was bones heal!

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katieoxo60 in reply to bpeal1

Thats about all I have learn't from my broken bones plus most accidents are just that we have no control over it. What I wonder is if my bones are strong why do they break sometimes and not others when I fall. Does that sound more intrigueing bpeal1 as I take certain drugs and have arthritic joints that puts me at higher risk. My mum had no broken bones in her life of ninety odd years but was diagnosed with osteoporsis. 😊 no Rhyme or reason is there. ? Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday.

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medway-lady in reply to katieoxo60

The A&E doctor said Orthopedics will be in touch by Wednesday but my bone density looks good so it'll be routine. They looked again at the DEXA scan I had in April and X rays so now its patience and time.

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katieoxo60 in reply to medway-lady

I am like you had several Dexa scans that say I have good bone density. Had several broken bones from falls including a broken foot from a bad off balance leg twist.xx

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medway-lady in reply to katieoxo60

Yes I have a number so will contact them tomorrow and I was also told A&E is another option too. But I don't want to be a nuisance and luckily we have recliner armchairs so raising my foot is easy but getting up from the loo is hard. ! xx

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katieoxo60 in reply to medway-lady

The best way to do the loo if you don't have a commode ect use the crutch and bear up on your good leg. I used a caravan camping toilet with a frame which was so comfortable and easy to rise from other option is the modern card board bed pans or in case of urgency ladies incontinence pants can be got on line quickly. Always try to give yourself extra time to reach the loo. And do remember to laugh if things do go wrong and an accident occurs not easy I know. Enjoy the rest of the weekend till you can try and get more advice.

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medway-lady in reply to katieoxo60

I reckon it would be easier if it was my left leg not my right. But today my husband fitted a raised loo seat and a shower stool. Good idea about the pads and I'll look up Amazon. Laugh is right too, it is funny and could have been much worse as at least the toughened glass did not break. My husband said to replace the shower would cost more than getting a new mail order wife. Just have to be patient as a patient. And I learnt the hard way to allow time to get to the loo too. Thank you for your advice it really is appreciated. xx

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katieoxo60 in reply to medway-lady

Hope you are feeling a little better today , gradually you will find ways to cope with this mishap. Your hubbys response made me smile . As you say it could have been worse. I live alone so have had to find ways to cope at such times. Glad your hubby can alter things for you . I just spent three hours putting a dish drainer together only to find it is faulty and has to be returned. So another hour to repack and return. The wonders of on line shopping , stay safe and have a good day both. xx

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What a way to spend bank holiday! Take care I wish you a speedy recovery 💐

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Oh no you poor thing, glad the NHS experience wasn't too bad & hope you're not in any pain. Rest up & take it easy x

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So sorry about this, hope your leg gets better soon.

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So glad you were looked after well by the NHS. It's good to hear positive experiences for once. Sorry you have a fracture though. Hope it heals quickly for you. I'm still recovering from a fractured sacrum from last November 🙄. Best wishes xx

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Sorry to hear this ! Sending healing wishes and so glad you had a good experience with the NHS lots of love & hugs 🤗 xx

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Ouch, so glad you laughed through the pain..good for you..hoping recovery won’t be too long..take care.xx

I'm a bit behind, nooooo so sorry to read this.

Hope you aren't in pain, sleep woth one leg up for a while then x

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