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I don't go back for my real first visit to my my RA doc until the 18th. I decided I would push through and walk 2 days ago. While walking I stumbled just a bit but enough to set off my right ankle. Now wondering what to do. I did walk again yesterday but this morning could not even get the the restroom. Do I put heat on it? Do I stay off of it? Is it just here to stay and live with it? We are going to Delray Beach on December 4 - I'd sure like to be able to walk on the beach. Any suggestions before I see the doc?

I love this support group!!!

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  • You're right about this group. Sorry you have sprained your ankle. I did that years ago, I was carrying a very heavy plant pot down the garden when I went over on the edge of a paving slab. I had it x rated and nothing was found but it took a long time to recover. From what I remember I rested it - they say Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate over here. I bought a support and wore that then I managed to get an appointment to see a physiotherapist who gave me some gentle exercises for it. They involved sitting on the floor watching to with the theraband attached to a chair leg and my ankle. That seemed to do the trick but I found I often tripped / fell and eventually saw a chiropodist who fitted me with orthotic insoles and - that was it - I haven't been tripping etc ever since.

    I'd seek advice before you exercise because you want to do it the correct way. Also could you get crutches to help take the Wright off that ankle?

    Here's a link to ankle sprains - hope it helps.

  • must have been something to do with RA - pain left last night and gone this morning - yesterday morning I could not even put weight on it. Why does no one ever mention taking pain pills???

  • How exciting - Delray Beach it is then.

    Really interesting point, isn't it . Loads of advice yet no one mentioned painkillers. Did you take any sort of painkillers?

  • Every day - 20 mg percacet -

  • Just told my other half that none of us suggested you take a painkiller - and he said 'that's the obvious thing to do' at least I wasn't alone in not doing the obvious. Glad your ankle is fine and isn't going to spoil your holiday :)

  • I wondered if you were from the US! Mmm, not always best to push through with

    RD. Well, it really depends on what's been done, whether or hot or cold would be beneficial, if there's swelling no heat should be applied. Certainly rest it up if it's painful but equally try not to not walk on it if that makes sense? I recommend walking on the sea's edge, if it's a tendon problem, it's something my Ortho suggested after my casts were removed following a ruptured Achilles tendon as the slight resistance walking in shallow water aids recovery & strengthens the tendon. I'm not saying that's what you've done by the'd know about it if you had, my jeans had to be cut off because my foot & calf swelled so much but you may have a partially ruptured tendon.

    I would definitely see your GP about it, preferably before you see your Rheumy & definitely before you go away just in case you've done more than is obvious as there are also many bones in the feet. Do you have any bruising? Also it may benefit from strapping just whilst it's weak, your GP should know what's best even if it's a visit to hospital for an x ray to determine.

  • Ouch!! I hate sprains. You can pick up an ankle splint at a medical pharmacy. It's not that expensive around $15. Plastic medical anckle splints can be worn in your shoes and they support your anckle. These splints allow your ankle to swell, so much better than a tensor wrap which can cut off your circulation as you swell. Good luck to you.

    Oh make sure you buy the splint for your right or left ancke.

    take care


  • Hi Mayna. I have had similar ankle problems in the past. I used to strap it up with a crepe bandage for a couple of days and it settled. If I was going on a country walk of any distance would strap it up under my boot and it helped. If it is pain only in your ankle I would put heat on it. If it is swollen you need frozen peas etc on it but don't forget to put a teatowel or something similar between skin and frozen peas to avoid burning. Good luck x

  • RICE & peas.....

    (Rice being rest, ice, compress, elevate and peas being the ice block..)

  • Well yesterday I could not walk due to the ankle and by last night the pain was gone and this morning it's gone - had to be an RA something I guess. Each day brings something different - this morning is pretty good. Just took my Pred....and ready to take Percacet. Why does noone every mention pain pills????

  • Maybe thought as an oversight as most here have their own supply & reach for them either as necessary or take them daily as part of their treatment.

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