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Back to puppy walking after 6 months rest :D

Back to puppy walking after 6 months rest :D

I was diagnosed in May with RA which sent me in to a turmoil of emotions and unwell with my body coping with the drugs. This site and the lovely people on here have been amazing, supportive with advice and reading the stories they share how the illness affects them.

I am a puppy walker for Guide Dogs for the Blind and thought my PW days were over so decided to ask for a break after my last puppy went to Fofar. So on Friday I went to puppy class/training to see my friends and have some puppy time :D and I was asked by my Supervisor if I felt like I was ready for another puppy. So I said YES ..after almost 6 months on MTX and Hydroxychloroquine I am slowly feeling like my old self and have more energy. My bloods keep yo-yoing but on the whole I feel better than I did in January, I am still sore and stiff and get tired but compared to the way I was feeling heaps better.

I also saw that knitting is good for my RA so going to knit some little dogs for our craft fair for GD fundraiser next year.

Thank you again for listening and will let you know the pup's name ..he is arriving in

December :D Take care and gentle hugs xxxx

Below is my last puppy Freddie :D

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Ahh,hes so cute. I lost my dog 20months ago & thought that getting another one would be out of the question but having been on medication for about 12 weeks now I feel great & quite able Im sure of looking after a dog.I'll wait & see until after xmas as I know from coming on here how quickly things can change.

Pleased things are working out for you. Take care x


Hi Caza...It is so sad when you lose a dog as they are such good companions. I am so glad you are feeling better too. I am getting my review with my Rheumatologist next month..just got the I hope she is happy with everything.

You could always puppy walk like me :D

Take care xxx


Great to hear you are getting a new puppy to walk in December and hope you ahve many more years undertaking this wonderful activity.

Caza sorry to hear you lost you dog 20 months ago but glad to hear that you are feeling great on your medication and looking to maybe get a new dog after xmas hope all goes well and you continue to feel well and enjoy a new canine companion in the new year.

I lost my last dog 12 months ago and know how empty the house and your life can be. I have got a new dog last week which my hubby bought for me for my birthday. He is a BIG bundle of fun and Very boisterous am hoping he settles down a bit, I am managing to walk him although he does pull but hopefully I can train him out of that.

many yrs of happy dog walking to both of you



Hi Cris. Your new dogs sounds a live wire...what breed is he?

My dog that died in January was the most beautiful Leonberger and a gentle giant..we had him until he was almost 10 so a good life. Good luck with the training.our shepherd boy is 11 months and pulls a bit but he is trained the same as guide dogs which makes it easier when new puppy confusion.

Enjoy you doggy :D xxx


Hi hes a lurcher changed his name to scooby as he resembles a cartoon dog of the same name in size and in brains. Hes only 10 months and got him from a rescue but soooooooo pleased to see everybody. Enjoy your shepherd and any new puppies.

Just off to the park with Scooby and OH when I took him to this park last time he had an aversion to the gate back to the carpark at the end of the circular route and would not go through it so had to walk back around the circle "got a long walk that day" hope hubby can persuade him to go through today



I find puppy walking a perfect occupation for an RA'er....makes me get out and walk and gives me something comfy to rest my sore feet on as well. So great that you've decided to go back to it. I look after a neighbours pup 6 days a week, she's 9 months now and a huge Bernese Mountain dog, but seems to understand when not to be too boisterous. Pollyx


Hi Polly..Thank you..that is lovely that you puppysit the neighbours dog and you take it walks :D.

This will be my 4th Guide Dog puppy that we have walked and they are all lovely. I hope my medicines keep on working and letting me do my job.

Fingers crossed :D take care x


ooh I love dogs, i wish i could have one but go away for trips too much, also i would have it daft so i am not the best person to have a dog, but i so love them!! A


Back from the park with scooby

That gate is still a BIG problem would not go through it and managed to pull his harness off and escape into the bargain eventually OH caught him and got him back on the lead and collar

Then he had a massive trauma when a Newfoundland puppy came to play with him and he rolled onto his back yelping in fright he really is a big wuss. slept since he came home and will have to look at how we walk him as he has confidence issues




I have rescued and homed many lurcher type dogs. Some have displayed this

behaviour maybe due to an unhappy event in their life.

My first advice would be, get yourself a strong martingale collar, Kitsch collars

do some lovely designs. They will help you get the right size.

As for the gate, firstly remember praise must only be lavished on the dog once it

has gone through the gate not before, comforting it whilst backing off will enforce

the feeling there is something to fear. (that goes for all fear reactions)

Untill you get a decent collar also put a second collar and lead on with the harness.

Some things to try.

Hubby walk the dog in the park, you stay away and then as he approaches the gate

you appear at the other side, about ten feet away, call the puppy in an excited and happy tone and have a favorite toy or treat ready, hubby keeps lead slack, if pup runs through to

you give it the reward and cuddles.

Another, take a toy squeaky's are good, with the dog on a slack lead approach the

gate whilst all the time getting it's attention by playing tug with the toy or just

squeaking it, at the last few feet throw the toy ahead through the gate, hopefully

the dog will chase it (on loose lead) if so loads of praise.

He must associate the gate with good things.

I could go on but try those for now.

good luck



Thanx for these suggestions will try them out and let you know how I go on ( and scooby)



Hi Rockpool

What a gorgeous photo. I really admire you for doing something like that. I love dogs, but not sure I'd be strong enough to raise one through puppyhood then have to pass it on to someone. A very worthy cause though, and so pleased to hear that you are feeling well enough now to go back to puppy training.

I noticed that you mentioned knitting, and wondered if anyone on here has seen the information on our knitting challenge, called 'Knit Factor'? There's a link to the information on our homepage, or you can follow the link below:

We've already had some great entries and I myself knitted a scarf (I'm afraid that's the extent of my knitting abilites, but am very pleased to say that it was sold today).

I know that Rockpool is going to be very busy knitting dogs for another very worthy cause, so may not be able to participate in our challenge for the moment, but if anyone else on here would like to knit to help raise money for NRAS then we would welcome your help!

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Hi Victoria.

I would be delighted to knit something for our charity. My craft fair for Guide Dogs is not until next Spring. I am feeling a lot better than I have done over the last year and long may it continue. I see my Rheumatologist in November for my review.

Take care xx


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