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Hello everyone,

I'm just posting this bit of chit-chat because it has been so quiet on the site recently and it would be a shame it let the contacts slip - no doubt everyone is up to their eyes in floods or snow or post-Christmas blues.

It's a funny old time this isn't it? I had a bit of a flare on the 28th of Dec following the busy couple of days and then again more recently after doing too much crocheting. I'm really annoyed about that actually. I'd discovered the joys of recycling t-shirts by cutting them up to make yarn and then making rugs etc. Very rustic! It's the cutting which is the difficulty as much as the pulling at the yarn. I thought I'd found a nice creative pastime which wouldn't cost me anything but I've had to leave it down for a while now for my hands to recover. I did manage to design a lovely colourful cat basket though - which, of course, the cat's refuse to even look at. I had visions of being able to sell them on etsy.com but hey ho!

I think I may have mentioned on another post that I had my name down to become a foster carer for older dogs in order to offer them a home environment whilst waiting for full time adoption. I was asked to take 2 dogs initially and had to have serious words with myself about whether or not I could manage a pair of them. My initial excitement at the prospect gave way to common sense in the end. I found it really difficult to turn down the first request to help but felt that the worst thing I could do would be to promise to have them and then give them up again because I couldn't manage. After being reassured that there was someone else prepared to take them on, it was decided that I would start off with just one dog as my first foster.

So, I'm getting ready to welcome Robbie to my household. An elderly boy who's owner has gone into care and who must be really worried about him. Poor Robbie has spent the last 2/3 weeks at home all alone with just someone popping in a couple of times a day. He is going to be so lost and confused by the time he gets here. I'll keep you posted on his progress. I'm sure that it will do me good to feel that I am doing something worthwhile with my time also.

Judy xx

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  • Hi Creaky, that' such a lovely thing to do. Now the owner won't need to worry. I'm sure he will be very happy when he settles in with you.

    Kath xx

  • Hi Kath, I'm really looking forward to his arrival. Apparently I'll be assigned an advisor who will be there if I need any help. It's a shame that the owner can't be updated on his progress. It must be such a relief to know that his old boy is safe.

  • Hi Judy, how lovely that you are taking on poor Robbie. I am sure he will soon settle down and feel comfortable with you,. At least he will have someone there all day for him to take him for walks etc. I have two Labradors. One was a rescue and we had her at 2 1/2 years old and the other we've had since a pup as he was bred by a friend of mine. They both get on very well. The rescue lab settled very fast within a matter of a couple of days and was eating well, enjoying her walks and play time and making friends with the cat. So don't worry about it. Robbie will be fine. All animals need is food, love and companionship and a warm place to sleep. Do let his original owner know how Robbie is getting on - he will be worrying about the dog as well.

    Sounds also as if you have been busy with your crafts - don't worry about the cat not going for the cat basket - if you sell them on line other cats may benefit.

    My Burmese can be funny about things like that. We bought her a lovely scratching post with ping pong balls hanging off it - she completely ignored it apart from pulling off one of the balls and playing with that. Yet when she goes to the kennels with the dogs, she has a cat igloo which she loves. I am sure if I bought her one she wouldn't use it - sheer cussedness!

    I have also had a flare up over Christmas and New Year not helped by the very damp weather. Been living on Nurofen and Paracetemol as feet, knees, elbows, shoulders and hands been so painful. Will mention it to my rheumy when I see him on Friday - I am only on Enbrel at present as MTX was no good and set up lung inflammations. He wants me to try and manage on just the Enbrel but I don't think that's going to work. No flooding here since the awful North Sea Surge which affected us so much and many people on the coast lost their homes. Keeping an eye on the river levels anyway.

    Best wishes. Let us know how Robbie gets on.

    Dottie x

  • Cats are definitely a contrary breed. I find that as soon as I stock up on their favourite food they decide to hate it immediately.

    Robbie is a staffy/lab cross which my wonderful rescue dog Indi was (we think). He will be glad of the company and I will be glad for the incentive to get up and out of the house every day.

  • Hello Creaky

    I know how you feel with the dog foster, we have a Welsh Collie Cross, who we adopted from Dogs Trust.

    Now our neighbours Husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer so His Wife is travelling ninety miles a day too visit him so we are looking after their dog a Bedlington Terrier, so our dog gets jelouse and there is some agro there , they seem to be getting over it now, so we will just carry on with both.

    Watch those hands


  • Thanks Bob. I've given up the craft stuff for a while but am not doing too badly and the moment. I'm hoping that Robbie will get on ok with my daughter's dog who is extremely big and bouncy but can be respectful if told.

  • That might be the answer to my problem. I always want a dog but go on Hols quite a lot, so an older dog may not need as much exercise and I wouldn't take one on holiday times? Is that possible?

  • Yes definitely Allanah.

    You choose whether you can take it on at the time. I think the minimum time you would have them for would be 2 weeks so that you can assess them prior to adoption. Depending on the dog though it may be reserved immediately or possibly some months before a permanent home is found.

    I'm pretty sure the Charity can arrange alternative care for the dog whilst the fosterer is on holiday and they will cover the cost of medical care also.

    I chose the oldies.org charity in particular because of the exercise issue. I'm mindful, however, that there'll be more work in terms of hoovering etc. so I'll keep you posted on how I get on. I'm hoping that it will help me with weight loss also. Win, win situation.

  • Awww that's such a lovely thing to do, my dog is nearly 15 and like one of the family, dreading anything happening to her. I'm sure he will soon settle in, just like us, all they need is love and looking after in their old age. Good on You, keep us informed how you are getting on. xx

  • Thanks Pip. Will do. You'll probably never hear the end of it. I'll be getting everyone on this site doing it.

  • What a lovely idea and I'm sure he will have a lovely home...nice one.x

  • :-)

  • It's heartbreaking isn't it. They are so desperate to have a family pack.

  • Hi Judy, that's such a heart warming thing to do taking on foster dogs like that. I'm sure Robbie will settle really quickly and be very happy with you. Will be such a relief for his owner knowing Robbie will be taken care of. You just take it easy though and remember to look after yourself. Xx

  • Thanks. I've stopped the craft work for a time to rest my hands but not feeling too bad the last couple of days. I'm deep into book 3 of Robin Hobb's Rain Wild Chronicles at the moment so the outside world fades into obscurity.

  • I've put Robin on my reading list as I've never read any of his work. Currently finishing a Terry Brooks trilogy...

  • Oh Judy what a lovely thing to do,especially if you love dogs and i am sure if you found out where the man was he would love a visit from you with his dog. How do you make yarn out of t-shirts? XXXXXX

  • I might ask the charity if I can send him some pics. It would be such a relief.

    T-shirt yarn is made by cutting across the t-shirt in a specific way which forms a continuous loop. You can then knit/crochet/plait it to make baskets, mats, rugs etc in all sorts of colours.

    It's great fun to use the fat hooks and needles but is harder to work than wool to tough on the hands. There is another way that I have seen were you weave it together and that may be more do-able. My problem is the same as always with me though Sylvi. I over do it instead of pacing myself. I will never learn.

    Are you familiar with Pinterest? Lots of lovely ideas on there.

  • Never heard of pinterest Judy. You are very talented darling.xxx

  • Aw, what a great thing to do. I also can't bear to look at all those videos of dogs and cats in cages :( Wish I could handle a dog, but there would be no way to walk him. Have to settle for loving my fuzzy, huggley old cat Bridget. But she gives me back alot of lovin too. Enjoy, hope it al goes well for you.

  • Yes, I'm lucky in that my daughter has said that she can help with the walking if I have a flare. I certainly wouldn't manage a young dog but should be ok with one that potters about while I sit on a bench. It's a great way to meet people too.

  • hi , just saying hello as quite new here. lovely that you are fostering the old pooch , miss my old dog but just got my cat now , he had a bed that he ignored for 8years and on the day I put it out to go to the tip when we moved he decided it was the best thing ever and now refuses to leave it unless he has to.. typical cat ! love to see your creations , if you get up and running on etsy will take a look. x

  • Hi Julie, Welcome to the site. Have a browse through Pinterest. Loads of projects there. I'll probably never get around to doing many but I can spend way, way too much time online exploring them.

  • Gosh yes Pinterest! If you never believed in time travel you will once you've been on there. Pop on for 5 minutes and suddenly 2 hours have gone! Very addictive but fun :-)

  • yes it's addictive. etsy is great too , getting ideas for my wedding at the moment , lots of lovely things. not till December , hoping for improvement healthwise by then ..

  • I know the feeling !

  • Hi Judy!

    Yes I agree with the others ,that is a lovely thing to do. I absolutely adore my doggie and would be heartbroken if my illness meant she was left in kennels or a rescue centre. It would be so comforting to know she was being fostered. Robbie will be so happy too I am sure! :-)

    As regards your crafting I know what you mean, I have great problems with cutting fabric. It causes immense pain in my hand and elbow. So I invested in a pair of electric scissors but they're a bit haphazard! Feels like you're trying to control a snapping baby alligator! So then I bought a rotary cutter with a cutting mat. You can get some with lovely fat, comfy, ergonomic handles and they are much easier on the old hands, wrists and elbows. Good luck with your crochet baskets and with Robbie what a lovely way to start the year :-)

    JoJo xx

  • OmG Jojo. I had no idea that electric scissors existed! They sound hilarious! I have also wondered about a rotary cutter, my extremely talented sister uses one for her patchwork. Do you think it would work on more stretchy t-shirt fabric though?

  • Yes I don't see why not, as your sister might be able to show you, you sort of hold the fabric in place with a large piece of Perspex (like a giant ruler) and run the rotary cutter along the edge of that. So the 'ruler' stops it stretching about if you know what I mean. See if your sister will let you have a go before you commit yourself to buying anything.

    But trust me, give the electric scissors a wide, wide berth!! ;-)

    JoJo xx

  • I'm an animal lover and you nearly brought me to tears telling us about Robbie, poor old fella. He is going to a loving home and I know you will make a terrible fuss over him and he will be very content with you.

    Thanks for the posting and thanks for taking Robbie in. XXX

  • Aw jeanabell. Thank you. You may live to regret this though as I'll probably be boring you all to death with stories and pictures.

  • Hi Judy, just read all about your crafts and Robbie. My daughter runs a dog hotel at her house, which is great fun, and has a large dog cage for when one needs a rest from the others. Am interested in the various craft sites mentioned and will look at them. When you cut your lengths from the tee shirt, do you cut from just the back/front avoiding the seams? I have 2 cats, one only sleeps on the boiler or on the back of settee whilst the other sleeps practically anywhere but in the 2 cat beds! Look forward to updates. Anne

  • That is so great .....what would happen to these lovely souls if it weren't for wonderful people like you Judy who are willing to help these little darlings in their time of need. I hope your health improves and that you enjoy your time being a foster carer. Good Luck - I'll be thinking of you, would love to hear how it goes xx I LOVE DOGS had you guessed! xx

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