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When can you inject after chest infection ?


Hi All Ive been on Enbrel for over 4 years now. I finished antibiotics for a chest infection two days ago , and my injection is due today.Is it ok to do it or do I have to wait awhile? Cant get through to Rhumy Dept. Many thanks and whenever I need answers to a problem I can always rely on the knowledge of fellow sufferers on this group.

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I can't give you an answer, but I would have thought it best to delay until you get through to your rheumy team. If you delay a day or so it's not likely to make a huge difference and best to get proper medical advice for people who know your medical history.

Chezza56 in reply to helixhelix

Yes I suppose your right, but I missed last week because of the infection and Im going on holiday next week. Thanks so much for your advice .

Can't help with that but would suggest you ask your chemist or GP

Chezza56 in reply to Anndan

Thanks they said by next Monday it should be fine.

I take antibiotics all the time to prevent me getting chest infections - I have severe asthma and bronchiecstasis - and was told it was okay to inject Enbrel while on antibiotics.

Gosh everyone gives conflicting advice. Do you think its because they dont really know?. Im sorry you suffer so much with your chest, the last fortnights driven me mad. Thanks for your reply .

Think of it as personalised advice, rather than conflicting advice. Doctors take into consideration your medical history, age, other medical conditions and how generally healthy you are. And also the risks, so if Helen7 has bronchiectasis then perhaps her doctors feel that the risk is greater if she skips Enbrel and flares/has asthma attack than missing it all the time if on frequent antibiotics.

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