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knee problems

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had a phone call from my GP to say she had word back about my recent x rays and it is looking to put me on the waiting list for a knee replacement which at the moment is 40 weeks so plenty of time to think about that but went yesterday for x ray on my other knee as that one is now agony and had a fall this morning as it just went from under me so now nursing a nasty bruise on my leg

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40 weeks! That's dreadful, poor you. Hope you are being given decent painkillers and so on to help.

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beeckey in reply to helixhelix

Not really just Solpadol does not touch it.Will try to see gp but not easy.Thank you.

Ouch! Take care. If you can treat yourself to good film and pot of coffee....or whatever is a treat for you, may help. 🙂

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beeckey in reply to Ruth12345

Thanks will do.

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Ruth12345 in reply to beeckey

Gentle hugs and a 🙂 to you.

Just as Helix says "Dreadful". I hope that I don't have to wait that long. I've already been waiting to see the orthopaedic surgeon for six weeks now and no appointment in sight.

If I'm not careful I'll turn from an active person into a couch potato just to avoid the pain. Maybe it's just an excuse not to go to the gym? I hope you can manage your pain and don't really have to wait that long. All the best.

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beeckey in reply to stbernhard

Yes it is a long time hope it happens sooner.Thank you

Can you see a physio? I had quite intensive exercises before my 2 knee replacements. It was really worth it. That’s a long wait though, where are you?

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Hi Cathy i am in Ssotland

One of the best exercises was a pedal one placed on the floor while you sit. I’m not good at exercising but I was v conscientious about this

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Sorry Scotland.What was the exercise.THANKS

Flipping heck! 40 weeks! I sincerely hope it's less time than that and that there is effective pain relief in place. Hugs


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I know i had to ask her to repeat it but maybe it will happen sooner. thanks

wow! That's terrible! I feel your pain literally, I have been forced to retire because of the pain in my knees, both. I have osteo and ra in both. I saw a othopoedic last week and I am going in to have my knee done on 0/11. Here in the USA that's a date I won't forget. They are going to do an MRI next week to get a 3D image of my knee and then they will build the joint to exactly replicate my natural knee. It will be an assisted robotic surgery and he will enter the knee from the sides, preserving the muscles ans tendons of the thigh being involved. Hopefully if all goes well I can have the other knee done in 6-9 months. He did not want to do both at a time because there is a higher risk of blood clots

that should be 9-11

Sounds like you are getting the best treatment.We are NHS and they do a good job and thank god we have it but the waiting times are awful but so many people all in the same boat so not much we can do about it.Hope it all goes well for you.

I am suprised by the waiting and red tape our neighbors over the pond have to go through. I’m glad to have private insurance here in the states.

Anyway, I also need two new knees. I’ve been putting this off because frankly I’m afraid of the surgery ( general anesthesia) specifically.

You sound confident in your surgeon and I like the ideas of an exact replica replacement joint. Can you, would you pass along the name of your surgeon or their group? I’m considering Mayo Clinic here in the Midwest.

Thank-you and good luck,


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beeckey in reply to Farmgal1958

I had both hips replaced and never had to wait long but that was a while ago.

Dr Derek Farr, Ocala , Florida, Orthoepedic group. He comes with excellent background, used to be dr for Miami Heat basketball team. I am very confident as I was one who said I would never do knee surgery. Well since I have no cartilage left in either knee I can only walk about 5 minutes and then I have to stop a little

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!


Best wishes with surgery and a quick recovery.

I was told knee replacement about 5 years ago. First a very good physical therapist using massage, exercises, and TENS, followed by icing for three times a week for about six months kept me from needing surgery. A year later pain started coming back with knee going out on me. My new rheumy said gel injections would help. It did immensely. That was in February. In October we will see if I need them again. She said for some one injection for three weeks is all they need for five years. Others may need it six months. One big reason I’m afraid of replacement is that I’m allergic to nickel and it is in the replacement piece they use. I’ve heard horror stories about those that had to be removed. There is one more expensive piece without nickel in it but may not be covered by insurance. Just things to think about.

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Farmgal1958 in reply to BonnieT

I’d beg or borrow ( wouldn’t steal ;) for a non nickel replacement. What could be more important to spend money on?

You absolutely can not have an allergen implanted in your body.

Good luck,


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What is a gel injection is it a steroid

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Not a steroid. It creates a type of cushion around the knee joint. You get one injection each week for three weeks. Look up synvisc im not sure of the spelling. There is one with one injection and that is not a good choice. My doc said it must be the series of three.

you have done all the right things, as I went that route also. The steroid injections helped for a little while and then they didn't. I did the hyaluronic gel and that did not work for me so surgery is my only option or a wheelchair.

Best wishes with your surgery and a quick recovery. 😊

thank you so much!

If your knee (legs) just give way it might also be worth checking out if you have a ligament/tendon problem, I do and that can just give way without warning with a violent stabbing pain from one side to the other and the cause is just another symptom of the Enthesitis that I have, not funny when you are about to fall flat on your face. :( My family trait is a large probiscus and that tends to hit the ground first. I always make sure I use my stick when walking outside these days although one physio after 11 others did help to build up muscle to take up the strain.

Thank you for your reply

I do have a torn minescus (not sure of spelling). I’m thinking PT must have helped to build up the muscle for me. Liked your story about your nose. You make it sound funny, but it’s quite a serious matter.

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