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Giving up work

Hi all.Catching up with all your comments about RA and working.I'd worked all my life and in a demanding hard job.Long days. Night's. Sleep ins split days.You guys who work in health know what I mean. I'm 57 now and giving up work this year was hard.I'm single .Got the rent and all bills to pay just myself. After initial period of having to go on benefits I got PIP.Dissability benefits to. So guys all of you out there still slogging away working. Take it easy and look after yourself. MERRY Christmas xx

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Hi I to used to work in care field days and nights know how u feel .I had to give up work due to health my back is wrecked years of lifting hoist not working no health and safety then .now it's moving and handling lol best thing I've ever done leaving don't worry u learn to cope put ur health first Amy have a lovely xmasx

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I just love reading these kind of post I’m struggling in the same job ward beaded I can’t cope no more , hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel for me as well I worry myself sick over it all which won’t help me, thankgod you are doing ok, have a lovely Xmas and a healthy new year. X


Hi picti - Yes - It is hard to give up the work when you have done it all of your life. It kept making me feel like I failed at first, then I realized I didn't ask for or choose that path. That made it easier. Best of luck with the transition


Merry christmas glad you got pip x


One thing that really struck me about replies and this site in general is just how many people on here work in either health care, nursing/support or schools: teaching and support. Maybe they're both stressful areas of employment or both areas with very little downtime or few breaks?


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