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Holiday Blues!

This is such a busy time of year for my family. Birthdays Dec 4,18, January 3,11 anniversary Jan18th lol It has been a very wet day in Vancouver. I have tendinitis, synovitis , bursitis.....My Rheumy called and has scheduled cortisone injections for Jan 24. I am so happy. I can manage as long as I know it will be better soon. I have also been open about the fact that I am struggling at the moment. I now go home when I am tired. I stopped feeling bad about it. I try to keep it to myself as much as I can but the down side is people forget that you are ill. I have become a recluse and must admit I find it so much easier that way.

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We have so much in common. My birthday is 4 December. My daughter is 21 on 23rd December and my wedding anniversary is 12 January. And I see my Rheumy end of January too.

Lol. Hope you manage over Xmas xxx

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Aww bless you my darling i am much the same about not going out. I feel guilty for being ill to be honest. We only have one birthday this month and that was Wednesday and we were there for that .xxxxx


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