Hi everyone. Need some info please. I'm considering going on a cruise one that caters for disabled people. However I'll be traveling alone. My mobility is such that I can walk with a stick but not far as my knee is painful. Also not able to walk on rough train etc feet don't work so good. So has anyone experience of travelling alone and cruise? If so any recommendations? Would I need injections for say far east? I'm on methotrexate. Look forward to any advice cheers.x

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  • I've done a few Celebrity Cruises and do not even think about it. T/he ship caters for all, I've seen blind travellers being taken around by staff, wheelchairs are simply no problem and a lot used those scooter things. Wide coridors lots of lifts mean its the besets way to travel in luxury. Food is great and all travel is made easy ok you won't want to go on a trip that means climbing 1000 steps but do look as the trips usually do state the level of activity required. Look up Celebrity and see whats on offer will not be a problem going on a normal cruise and you'll love it. I've not done P&O but Celebrity is 5 star and worth it.

  • I've done several celebrity cruises and agree with you. Although I'm not disable (much) with RA, the friend we go with uses a mobility scooter and limited walking ability and we found the help and advice top class.

  • Thanks so much

  • Thank you very much. Appreciate it

  • P&O are brilliant

  • Thanks take all replies on board.

  • I have been on many cruises with my mobility decreasing (admittedly not on my own). As said before there are all different disabilities catered for. All staff are very helpful and the cruise lines go out of their way to help you, but you must inform them beforehand. Many people take their own mobility aids whether sticks, wheelchairs, scooters etc. There is a wonderful company I use called 'mobility at sea' they provide everything you may need from the above to beds, hoists, sharp boxes, chairs etc. They deliver it to your ship put it in your cabin. BUT for most big items you MUST have a disabled cabin especially if you are taking a mobility scooter. If you are taking a wheelchair standard or electric as long as it can be folded up then you can then use a standard cabin. I hired an electric wheelchair from them last june for my two week cruise with P&O from Southampton. I walk with a stick but not far. To be able to go off ship I used the power chair, it was amazing! At home I have a scooter but having a disabled cabin couldnt take it.

    Regarding the vaccination for the far east you would need to take advice. Being on DMARDS Biologics you are not allowed Live vaccination s. Eg Yellow fever. I know a lot of countries demand yellow fever certificates so you would have to look into it to see if you need one or if the country you are visiting needs you to have it. Regarding taking medication. There should be no problem. There are fridges in your cabins. Take a cool bag with you to carry them. Airlines are usually good at allowing you to put in their fridges. Always carry your prescription with you, always keep medication in its box, Your Rheumatology dept. Will give you a carrying letter to take with you.

    I hope this is of help for you. Please don't be put off. Cruising is wonderful, relaxing, plenty to do, wonderful places to visit, amazing food! There are many different excursions for each port of call and each is rated for ability to walk etc. Take care Rie x

  • Thanks so much for such in depth information especially about hiring an electric chair. I will certainly look at (mobility at sea) x

  • Hello, that sounds like a wonderful trip. I don't know anything about injections u might need but u might be able to ask a travel agent or your health provider. Or maybe a chamber of congress. But u might want to consider taking a wheel chair or even better a scooter with a motor. That will insure your safety for traveling on unknown ground. Plus u get lots more help from from cruise members. I'm in a wheelchair & it's so much easier & safer. Have a wonderful trip! Richgirl🌻

  • Thank you x

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