Hi guys!, I hope you're all well and relatively pain free!!,

I go on holiday in a few months, just wondered if anyone knew of any good places to get sandals which are nice but also very supportive for my feet. My flare ups have been quite bad, I am dreading having crappy sandals in case I have a flare up!

Thanks!, hope you've all had a wonderful Easter 🐣

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  • Tresspass on line usually have a good selection

  • Hotter look good and comfy.

  • I usually get mine from Pavers. They have a large selection. I have 2 pairs both comfy. I never buy shoes online though unless I've tried them on before. Happy shopping and happy hols !

  • Hi Cydney- I don't know if you are needing flip- flops, but ORTHAHEEL makes one with a built- in orthotic. I was told NEVER to walk in bare feet, so I use them for summer, or even to go to to the bathroom during the night. They look nice too!

  • I have a pair of Wolky sandals which are very supportive with a thick sole.

  • If you have rubbish feet & see a Podietrist ask her/him. Mine has lots of advice & recommendations for the most supportive footwear, including sandals. I thought I was wearing supportive sandals but whilst they were comfy they weren't right for my needs so whilst asking for recommendations seems the right thing to do they're not necessarily correct for you. Always best to try before you buy too.

  • I could not agree more with nomoreheels,

    I also have really bad rheumatoid feet and my podiatrist refered me to an orthotic surgeon for hand made insoles. When they were made I went back with my Clarke's shoes (£68 )that apparently where a special range designed to take NHS insoles with an extra wide width ,like nomoreheels I was told these shoes weren't good for my feet worth asking your gp for a referral for advice. My appointment was well worth it as my orthotic surgeon has measured me for bespoke hand made sandles on the NHS which while taking about 8 week's to make I will have them before going on my holiday. And on a positive note these sandles ( or shoes and boots) are a lot more fashionable than they used to be.

    Happy holidays, Linda x

  • Thanks!!, where are you going on holiday?x

  • We are going to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast of Italy in July, we've been before a couple of years ago but I really wanted to return so as soon as I got the concent from my consultant it was system's go. Where are you off to Cydney?

    Linda x

  • That sounds amazing!!, I'm going to Bulgaria on 12th June, day after my birthday!x

  • Ooh!! I'll have too ask. Thanks!, I hope you're well x

  • You're welcome Cydney. I'm not bad at all thanks for asking, hope you & your oh are too? Are you planning to go anywhere nice for your hols? We're touring the UK this summer, starting when work starts on the bungalow we're about to move to.

  • I live in Keen sandals all summer long, their supportive, waterproof and lightweight. Bit pricey but I've had one pair for over 8 years and they're still going strong.

  • Our local outlet has a Hotter shop and I expect there is also one online. I find them very comfortable and supportive if a littlle old lady-ish, if you know what I mean. I may be old but, boy, do I hate to look it.


  • Hi, I get sandals from, they have a full back and are made to fit insoles. They go up to a very wide, deep fit and are really supportive. They are quite expensive but worth it.

    Have a good holiday.

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