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I saw my Rheumy Monday and she is ok with my stopping MTX as it makes me ill and does not affect my RD. She wants me to continue Rituxan. I did the paper work but am struggling with this decision. If I continue Rituxan, which has not helped thus far or try something else? Or do I go drug free until the next flare?

I have a lot of allergies so choices have become limited. There have been several posts about Zeljanz. I am seropositive RD diagnosed in 2015. The last time I stopped drugs the CRP dropped to .05 and with minor exception has stayed there for past year. Although there is no CRP issues the MRI indicates I have Tendinopathy in both hips and bursitis in right. I have had Synovitis in multiple fingers, thumbs and shoulder. Are Synovitis and Tendinopathy , bursitis all part of RD or deprecate issues. Do you all have these issues?

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