Steroid injection... Ive received my outcome letter but dont understand what all the big words mean

Hi all. I had a ultrasound guided steroid injection this week. I had MRI of both wrists which showed mild right distal radio- ulnar joint

Synovitis with some associated extensor carpi ulnaris tendinopathy. When they done the ultrasound there was no evidence of joint synovitis. Can anyone explain what this means in Laymans terms as these big words mean nothing to me thank you. Confused x

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  • The distal radioulnar joint is where the two long bones in your forearm join, close to your wrist. The MRI found some mild synovitis there. MRIs are more sensitive than ultrasound, so it has picked up something the ultrasound didn't show.

    The extenor carpi ulnaris is one of the big muscles in your forearm that make your wrist and hand move. The MRI found some tendon inflammation ('tendinopathy') where it joins to the bone. This muscle is connected to the joint where there is synovitis, which is why the report says the tendon inflammation is associated.

    If you have pain in your arm, this MRI scan explains why. It's inflammation not damage though - there are no erosions at this point. :)

  • Aww thank you so much this makes sense now xx

  • My pleasure. Some medical reports need to come with translations!

  • Hi Dani83, big words indeed, the ultrasound injection is similar to mine but done in the hip area ref our chat a while back, do you remember you linked me to the Zentiva Plaquenil and thank you, just started on it again. I wonder if it will give you relief elsewhere as it took my arm pains away when injected. Did you remember what they injected it with, I would be interested to know. It could have been Kenalog steroid intramuscular. Remember to rest it, nothing for two days and take care using it for two weeks. Also are they hoping that this will be your one and only or may need doing again. Good job you have someone like flow4 on your forum with knowledge of what's going on with you. Take care love noonoox

  • Noo noo where you been? How are you? Not sure what they injected me with but I will find out when I go back to Rhumy in 3 weeks. I am hoping that this will help the pain in arm. am I right in assuming that if it doesn't work maybe they'll give me another injection? X

  • Hi Dani83, my very first friend on forum, spend most of time on Lupus forum, but have missed you. In answer to your question they told me that they could only inject 3 times in each hip, the one I had was Steroid injection into the Tendon. Had 2 in the right and 1 in the left. The operation for the hip tendons is not that successful. I am sat at my healer waiting my turn, and he has helped me with the pain, I will carry on and once they feel better will get my other areas worked on. I will get back to you later but remember take it easy or you will undo what they have done. Take care love noonoox

  • Hi, oh in the hip sounds painful. My husbands friends mum does healing? What do they do exactly is it worth a try?

  • Hi Dani, reply later, loads going on in village, reply and tell you all about it. Look at this in the meantime.

  • Hi Dani, sorry not got back to you, we didn't have electricity or internet due to the overhead cables being replaced in the village.

    How do you feel today Happy Mother's Day if you are a mum. I hope you are taking it easy. I also hope that husband of yours is looking after you.

    This healer that your husband knows of, can he ask a question and that is are the healers hand hot when she places her hands on the patients. It is hard to find a natural born healer so be careful, also cost if they want to take large sums from you then they are only doing it for the money and are not born to heal.

    I can private message you if you would feel more comfortable about talking about it.

    Did you look at the website? I think you could go just to see if you get anything from it and report back and let me know what she does. My healer starts on the back, spine that's how,the connection starts and with my hips he goes to my hips, then back to the spine and lower back, sometimes the fingers move up and down can't explain it, but the last thing he does is put his hands over your eyes and this is where you can see colours and sometimes flashing light as in lightening striking, sometimes I see a small beacon of light. You pay what you want to it's a donation for the running of the Sancturay but nearly all patients pay £20 a healing and that can be between 7-10 mins healing but it's usually 10 mins but feels longer. His hands are very hot at times.

    Well have a good rest of the weekend.

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Love noonoox

  • Hi, no electricity oh dear bet you were happy. Its meabt to snow today. I hope your warm! That website looks interesting anything is worth a try. The price seems reasonable. Some treatments you look up the prices are horrendous Im not sure about the healer my husband friend mum is. We are going up there later next month so il let you no how i get on.. someone suggested Iridology a bit like refloxolgy but they get everything from your eyes. By the end of the year think il have a folder of everything ive tried. lol Xx

  • Ps if you don't have plug in you would have to manually put the web address in your browser.


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