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Can anyone please shed some light on blood results?

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Hello I posted a few days ago regarding my blood results and awaiting a diagnostic specialist appointment.

I have spoken to GP today who has told me my results were

ESR 40 and CRP 20

Are these particularly high? I apologise now if this seems such a silly question but I am so I knowledgeable in this department!

Thanks in advance!

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According to the leaflet my Rheumatologist gave me...

ESR-Normal range M:1-12, F:1-19

CRP-Normal range-Less than 10

Please note this is for the lab at my hospital...other labs may vary.


High enough, my booklet gives ESR ranges as 1 - 7 mm/hr & CRP <6 mg/L

These are just the inflammatory markers, your GP didn't give you any others I don't suppose? If not it could be these are the only results she's had back.

As Paul says labs do vary in the measurements they use, you'll note his differ from the ones mine uses, but your ESR is longer term inflammation (& as such can give a false positive result) & your CRP is acute inflammation, what was going on at the time the bloods were taken. Understand though that these markers are only part of the test & without the others your GP took (she took a full blood test) it's not easy to know if it may be RD we're talking about, there could be any number of possibilities. Sorry, I know it must be frustrating.

They are not particularly high, both can go into the 100's. But above the levels generally considered "normal" so will be an indication to your doctors that's there's something up that needs investigating.

In Canada CRP is considered high when it reaches 3mg/l . Mine was up to 159 and I felt like a pile of crap. Now back down to less than 0.2 and feel a hell of a lot better.

I am not sure of esr as they will only check CRP.

Your results show that there is some inflammation going on, long term as ESR shows and acute as your CRP is showing. Hopefully, your doctor is in the case and doing more investigations?

hi Larryrufus,

some blood tests are not quite so straightforward to interpret:

Lots of things to take into account. You can look up CRP and ESR on the labtestsonline website as well:

But they won't give a normal range either for the reasons they explain. Also what is normal for one person may be high or low for another. Yours may or may not be normal for you and that is why for RA they look at so many other things. Sometimes as helixhelix says when it is VERY high it is obvious.

Hope this helps

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

Wait until you see your doctor.

If anything is amiss he will tell you. Stop worrying about something that is probably nothing.....that is what doctors are for...he will have seen your Results & if anything was seriously amiss would have brought your appointment forward.

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