Fran one in a Million.

After saying goodbye to Fran and my Family twice a couple of years ago which was heart-breaking remembering their faces, But on Sunday after months of constant pain & viruses all because of my RA, I looked at Fran and said I don't to be here anymore my body has had enough my mind is not in the place were it's normally is and that's a happy positive great to be alive mode. The look on her face when I started to cry and said it was hurting me to watch her doing everything for me and seeing her pain in her face every time she looked at me, When she held me all the thoughts I had just disappeared and the selfish thoughts went with them, Some off you have been here and know were I'm coming from.Mattcass

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  • Been there my friend. Shes a wonderful lady indeed x

  • God knows you have had more than your fair share of difficulties. But in that post I saw the Matt that keeps going, despite all this. From what I've heard of Fran, I'm sure that's what keeps her going too. I hope with all my heart that your transplant will happen soon, and give you both some well deserved respite and joy. Take care, Mavis xx

  • Blessings and warm hugs to you and your lovely lady Fran. <3

  • Oh bless you Matt. That must have been a very emotional moment you shared between the two of you, & how much pain you must have been in for it to be. I hope & pray things start to go your way, you receive your transplant & you don't ever go so low again. Fran wouldn't give it a moment's thought, you may see the pain in her face, it's a reflection of her heart, we do everything we can for the ones we love, I know I've been there. x

  • Hi

    I don’t know much about your situation but I can hear the pain and despair through your post. I hope with all my heart. Things improve significantly for you soon. Until then, hold on to the good things that remain for you - Your fran sounds committed and strong enough to hold you in those very painful and desperate moments.

    I wish you only the very best


  • Matt, I really hope you get your transplant soon. You have been through so much so it's no surprise you have felt so low. Fran sounds so lovely. Just remember we all care about you too and are sending positive thoughts for your op. X

  • God bless the pair of you ..... I believe He moves in mysterious ways. Had my late husband survived another 13 years I know he would have been absolutely devastated to see my health decline, so I've been spared the pain I would have seen in his eyes but what I wouldn't give for his hug now that I'm in clinical remission .....

  • 24years ago when I started this journey and the pain was so bad I felt the very same way.

  • She is a wonderful lady Matt. I’m sure if the roles were reversed you would be doing the same for her. Love conquers all. X

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