Fran Takes the Bulls (Rheumy, Chest, GP Docs) By the Horns

She tells the Rheumy Doc I am back on Diclofenic Now. even after he told me to stop straight away well pain wise enough is enough and told him I will drop the steroid level when I see fit and if the Hydroxy kicks all the better. And we want to know where we go from here if the Hydroxy does not work.

She tells the GP we knew he would not put me on Diclofenic if there was a chance off me getting an ulcer as I have been on Omeprazole for 6 years, but there must be some other painkillers out there when I get to that level as she is not prepared to watch me going through this again.

She tells chest doc he agreed to me taking Hydroxy after telling us from the start that any RA drugs would do me more harm than good but then allowed it, So we wants to know the worst scenario if I was put on Sulfasalazine the 2nd level of RA drug pain relief.

And tells them all she wants answers by the end of the day. Go Girl Go. Matt

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  • You have a good woman there matt,tell her well done from

  • Well done Fran.

    Hope things get better for you.

    Mary x

  • Sometimes it needs a strong person to stand up to them well done Fran x

  • Well done Fran! I have a wonderful husband who has taken similar action on my behalf and I know how lucky we both are to have someone to fight our corner when we are too unwell to do it ourselves.

    Really hope you get some answers very soon.

    Thinking of you both.


  • well done you two.. especially fran for standing firm x

  • Hoping you get some answers soon. Good luck.

  • You two are brilliant! We need U as RA ambassadors!! Fighting our corner xxxxxx

  • That's brilliant Matt - can all of us borrow Fran sometimes?! X

  • I feel sorry for the ones on here that do not have 'other halves' to get mad on our behalf and get things sorted for us. Ditto all that has been previously said. Fran sounds like a Tiger with cubs. xxx

  • Well done Fran. Hope your pain eases soon x

  • She rocks!

  • I'm in line for Fran's assistance too!

    Well done both of you!

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