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Has anyone on here tried compression gloves?

I have and found them very useful especially at night. In the day time not so helpful. Wearing them at night has helped lower the pain level for me the following morning . I think that is because the swelling is reduced hence the lowering of pain.

They don't help my wrists at all however but I would recommend them

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Hi Pamak I have 3 pairs and they are one of the best things I bought and have them on all the time


I also have compression gloves which I wear at night. They do help reduce the inflammation but sometimes I take them off during the night ! Will continue to use them but apart from taping them to my wrist I just put up with the fact some wear is better than none at all !!

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Hi pamak

I to suffer with the same problem as you, what happened to me was my rummy doc sent me to the hospital department that deals with splints and support straps, they gave me support straps for my wrists that only allowed my wrists to keep slightly bent with a hard bone along the middle, the relief was at once and l have never looked back hope your pain is better as l know what it feels like


I have them to aid circulation in cooler weather.


I bought some wrist supports from the local disability supply shop and they are great for daytime use.


I have found the wrist/hand splints for arthritis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome are very helpful at night (and day if pain/ numbness bad. )


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