Farewell Tocilizumab...hello Baricitinib

I was dagnosed with RD 3.5yrs ago, been on Enbrel, Rituximab and Tocilizumab. My last infusion was 4 weeks ago...

Today I start new treatment. Baricitinib which is a JAK inhibitor. No more infusions. I take one tablet a day along with my weekly 20mg of MTX.

I'll be having a hip replacement as soon as I am well enough to cope with the recovery then a knee replacement thereafter.

All this in 3.5years. I am perpetually grateful for the very excellent and continued support of the RA team at Ayr Hospital (NHSNAA).

Here's hoping the new treatment is successful.

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  • Good luck with your surgery. I had two knee replacements on the same leg the being so much better than the first. As long as your prepared to do the exercises you will be fine darling.xxxxx

  • I would climb Mount Everest if that was part of the rehab! 😂

    Happy that your knee is working for you.

    We sure have our challenges!

  • I went to patients rheumatology conference about a month ago and consultants had a lot of good things to say about baricitinib so really good luck with it.

  • Ever the optimist 😀 Thanks x

  • Great news. Good luck with your next treatments x

  • Thank you so much. I'm very hopeful 😀

  • I am so happy for you. I hope the new medicine works. Are you in the UK or USA? I herd this medicine has not been approved by the FDA for the US.

  • You're correct, the FDA haven't approved it yet. The manufacturers have been invited to resubmit an NDA (New Drug Application) in January 2018 to include new safety & efficacy data. They anticipate the FDA will classify the application as a Class II resubmission, which will start a new 6 month review cycle.

  • I live in Scotland. Than you I'm hopeful that this one will work for me. x

  • I'm pleased for you. It's good to hear the JAK inhibitors are being prescribed more regularly now & I hope it works well for you.

  • I'm one of two patients on it in my area. The other patient is 1mth ahead of me. One of the good aspects is that the drug can be taken right up to a few days before the hip operation and restarted immediately afterwards.

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