Back spasm

Hi. I had another spasm in my back this morning. It's agony. I have AS. So far today have taken etoricoxib, omeprazole, co-codamol, and diazepam. Using a wheat heat pack too. Does anyone have any other first aid ideas on how to reduce the pain? Can't believe I'm back here again, just when I felt as though I was getting to a better place. Any advice would be gratefully received. Mhairi. x

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  • I also have as I use a tens machine it helps u could ask ur gp about maxi tram slow released tramadol I take 100mg it helps hope u feel better soon

  • Thanks for replying. I've had really bad reactions to tramadol in the past so not hugely keen on trying it again! I have also had bad reactions to co-codamol in the past but am trying a half dose with an anti sickness medication which I seem to be tolerating at the moment, although doesn't seem to be doing much for the pain! Still have some oromorph in the cupboard but want to try some less heavy duty meds first.

  • I'm similar tramadol etc.its just finding right dose and tabs plenty out dyhydracodine and fentynal patch. paracetamol should be first base helps others painkillers this on pain course. if you can take paracetamol.

  • Hi when its bad only recover for me was diazepam and bed read 1 to 2 days .its harder with movements .maybe someone have other ideas on here.x

  • Hi me again .you may get more replys if you lock post to this website.some dont reply unless locked

  • How do I do that? Didn't know you could lock posts.

  • When you post click on community can edit it now click on cursor then click community only.otherwise it goes out to world web no privacy.i didnt no either administrators told me

  • Hi I have AS too. Is it worth speaking to your rheumy for a medication review? Not going to help short term but I was on Arcoxia and found it a wonder drug and had no symptoms pain at all when on them. Have been switched to Benepali injections as am 32 and trying for a baby so couldn't continue with the tablets but thought I would share that there have been meds out there that have worked for me. Without meds I am in so much pain, particularly in the morning and find it difficult to move at all so do understand your pain. When's your next review?

  • Arcoxia is the same as Etoricoxib that she is already taking.

  • Ah yes- didn't read it properly!

  • I am also on Benepali injections. Don't have another review with my Rheumy until February, but have noticed increasing symptoms in my lumbar spine and SI joint over past couple of months. Maybe it is worth trying to see if I can have it brought forward. Thanks for your reply. Mhairi. x

  • I don't have AS, but RA. However I have had back spasms in the past - to the extent that I was completely locked in a position and agony to move. My GP gave me daily intramuscular injections of a strong muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory that worked a treat after a week. You have already taken an anti inflammatory, and diazepam works as a muscle relaxant so perhaps need stronger versions? Apart from that all that helps is heat and stretching.

  • I feel for you . I have had bad back spasm s in the past , diazepam helped also i went through a course if acupuncture which really seemed to make a big difference. I hope you find something that works for you .

  • Hi mhairi

    I’m really sorry to hear that Your in such pain. Alongside RA, I also have AS and like you, I find what a comfort. When sitting, I’ll have a very hot hot water bottle at my back and recently, I’ve been using an electric blanket when in bed. It doesn’t take the pain away but does somehow comfort me, if that makes any sense?

    However, when my back goes, I also find that’s when I need stronger painkillers.

    I too take arcoxia but also need dihydrocodeine or if particularly bad, oxycodone.

    Can you maybe get hold of a TENS machine ?

    Truly wish I could offer you a better response/ suggestion.

    Wishing you speedy relief.

    Marie x

  • Was just thinking about putting my electric blanket back in my bed but hadn't quite got round to it. That'll be a job for my husband tomorrow! Warmth had always been a therapy for me so totally know where you're coming from. Will look into a TENS machine. A few people have suggested that. Just so frustrated and down about the whole thing just now. x

  • Hi Mhairi54, I've got bad spinal stenosis with six discs degenerated and get some really bad attacks of pain and spasm. I tried a TENS machine but the constant prickling from the pulses from it got on my nerves and it didn't help much. From Amazon you can buy an Actipatch which cuts down the inflammation in your back. It doesn't do it quickly, but there is no sensation when wearing it and it keeps the pain off for the duration of the patch, which is one month. I managed a whole bus tour to Austria and back with it! (I was very keen to go, but my back was really bad.) I find those heat patches you can just stick on for 24 hours good too. I've got really strong stuff for pain, (morphine and fentanyl,) but the heat and anti-inflammatory things help me a lot more and for a greater length of time.

  • I don't have AS, but I suffered horrible back spasm on & off throughout my adult life. I tried many "new" ointments over the years....but I always come back to the stinky hot burning liquid that my father swore by. The product is called "HEET" . Body builders, like my father, of the 60's & 70's used it.

    So whenever my back hurts, I breathe through my mouth and apply the stinky, warm burning liquid to my back. Within 15 minutes you can actually feel the muscles release.

  • oh I must also tell you that whenever I use this product, my husband forces me to sleep in the spare room. lol He is a wonderful supportive husband...but even he has limits. :)

  • Ha Ha! Is that a bit likeTiger Balm?

  • Oh TigerBalm smells so much better lol

  • Have you tried pain meditation? Along with all the above, it can help for awhile. It helps me,although after a bit my mind goes 'enough of the mumbo jumbo, it just bl#@dy hurts!' Thinking of you. It is a horrible thing.

    I thought about having ' this too will pass...eventually' tattooed on my wrist, but I thought I might end up just swearing at it!

    I hope it 'passes' soon xx

  • Along the lines of inspirational thoughts that can be galling.

    Ovid: Amores, book 3 elegy XI

    perfer et obdura: dolor hic tibi proderit olim: saepe tulit lassis sucus amarus opem.

    Endure and be tough: someday this pain will be useful to you: often a bitter medicine brings strength to the weary.

  • Take a magnesium tab once a day ....stops muscle spasms and for pain relief panadol with codeine and heat wheats of luck

  • Does yours cause spasticity? A real problem crossing the road , as without testing you cannot access the help even in private sector , as not terminal. I eventually had the steroid injections after taking matters into my own hands & Paying for a very expensive MRI that NHS' many A&Es had ignored doing which are wearing off especially as spasicity goes. Now we are back to square one with cardiac arrest looming & no A&Es .

    Have realised this is possibly connected to chronic utis,, acute 3 weekly as medication can work ie: antibiotics .The spasms appear to be linked to weak heart pumping but the short sighted, unintelligent NHS allows conditions to get worse pretending if not terminal you are a fraud using surveys to absolve their conscience [ if they have one?} ! If Doctors were taught about disability with the Hippocratic oath as the core to their practice this should never happen as possibly relates to spina bifida......?

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