Enjoy the beauty

Enjoy the beauty

Have you heard of mindfulness? My PIP assessor, at today’s assessment, mentioned how it helps him: just notice the pleasant things around you eg even simply smelling your shampoo etc when using it. Build up moments of stress relief, and help yourself get through.

It is akin to the old adage about smelling the flowers along the way.

So here’s a photo I took a few days ago for just that kind of reason. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  • Lovely photo, good luck with your pip assessment. Got the book n cd, my son and i often do in evenings unless interrupted by dog who loves to sit on you and stare until you laugh! I rate it anyway 😄

  • Thank you!

    Sounds like fun evenings at your home. :-)

  • My rheumy physio has always been big into mindfulness and meditation since I first saw him in 1995. Part of my physio sessions involved this. It wasn't called mindfulness then but I noticed the terminology becoming used a lot about 5 years ago. He also taught me how to breathe properly and relax. He's a gem.

  • To me, noticing the beauty has been a habit that comes naturally most of the time.

    Meditation is thought of as positive but most of us do it negatively too, chewing over our concerns/plight anxiously.

    Getting a balance to my life has always been a priority.

    Good to have people who encourage you as the physiotherapist does for you, a blessing!

  • Me too .. I do this very naturally as I am an artist and you tend to look closely with a view to how you'd draw something ... But not they you need to be an artist to do it! 😀 Thr physio is a very upbeat guy .. so he's right on my wavelength. Don't see him so much these days but that's a good thing .....

  • They are lovely ivy darling.xxx

  • It’s the various colours that drew my eye, not often I see ivy with more than a couple of shades of green or yellow! :-)

  • I have an old schoolfriend who teaches it.I am hoping to move back to my old village where she lives next year and I will be giving it a go. You get a glimpse of all this when something bad has happened in your life and you start to appreciate things around during you more. When I escaped from hospital last year I had been in for 4 months.My husband took me to the seaside and I could see things I had never seen before but we're always there and smells I once hated but then loved.I wanted to get out on the sands and explore.

    You really got to appreciate thing while we are part of this world. We are all guilty of taking things for granted.Me for one

  • That’s a beautiful outcome of prolonged poor health!

    Thank you for sharing. :-)

    I learned by simply growing up in the country.

    Then I also found that my joy in what I observed spoke to me about its creator, borne out in Romans chapter 1, verse 20 of the Bible.

    But I need to practise noticing small pleasurable things more eg the shampoo, never would bother to smell that!

    Take care of yourself. :-)

  • Thank you for the beautiful photo. Just in case you might be interested. Monash University are running an on-line mindfulness course, which started this week and it's free. If you type in "futurelearn mindfulness" in you browser, you'll get to the URL. I followed their last course and it's really helped me. They are two lovely guys. I'm doing this one as a refresher and to learn new things. All the best.

  • Thank you!

  • Yes. I go to a pain clinic where CBT explained. Its very helpful to live in the moment and appreciate what / who is around at that time.

    Great pic. Thanks

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