Bad Kitchen Management !!!

Having retreated from the world for the last week (i've been in a kind of flare), today i found myself like a butterfly (as I like to think of it) emerging from a chrysalis. I got dressed (looking good if i do say so myself), put on make-up for the first time this week and came downstairs, I decided i was a little hungary so i ventured into the fridge...................Green fur growing on all of the veggies in the fridge draw, bread so staile i could have used it as a pomice stone (uhh), open tins of rank smelling days old soups and tuna, in disgust i chucked it all in the bin and turned to try the cupboard, a bag of furry carrots and sprouting green potatoes awaited me!! I could hear my mum's voice saying to me "bad kitchen management Ella"....hence i went to Costa's for brekkie ;-)

I am married, i do not live alone, there is another who is responsible and for the most part i class Andy as a modern man........I am sorry if there are some men out there who would have maintained our fridge/cupboards but why did he not feel that the situation was grosse??

Happy Thursday Everyone ;-)

Ella x

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  • He can't do everything,has he been taking care of you,if so thats a job well done. They are not perfect like us ladies!!!!!! Hope your feeling a lot brighter now you up and about.

    Love sylvia. xx

  • Oh dear that fridge sounds like a job for the envionmental health team lol x pleased you are feeling better, I came home from work so tired!.. the fatigue crept up from nowere I had to lie on the bed!, been so busy! x

  • Speaking from a mans perspective ... I always thought fur on veg was good for you. I will have to have a rethink now ...

  • you thinking of rabbit stew!! thats got fur on.

  • Are you sure your not thinking of Fatal Attraction? I never had rabbit stew with fur in it before, actually I've never had rabbit, too much "petty" for me :)

  • i don't eat rabbit. whats fatal attraction got to do with fur????

    Rabbits are pretty i know but they are supposed to good cooked in red

  • Is it not the film she puts a rabbit in a pan?

  • Have no idea haven't watched it. well the rabbit would still have its fur on

  • A Cooking bunny rabbit is classic Fatal Attraction ;-)

  • Hi Ella

    Glad to hear your flare up has eased a little and that you have emerged feeling better in yourself. The kitchen drama made me chuckle, hope you have a happy Thurs too, George x

  • Only one word Ella "Useless" - i am not referring to you!

    I love your descriptive blogs, i can imagine you floating around in the kitchen, despairing laughingly as you toss the furry grey fungus growth into the bit!

  • I'm sure he would of noticed if you had arranged it on a plate for tonight's dinner along with that soggy baguette from yesterday's puddle! Yummy!

    Glad your having a better day

    Marnie x

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