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Why not being able to sleep at night is so awful

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I’ve decided it’s not the pain it’s not the fatigue it’s the TV!

Oh my word what absolute rubbish. Not only at night / early morning are the programmes so awful well to be honest so old and so awful but the adverts in between are atrocious - great if you want to watch feature length adverts for mattresses, home cleaning, massage chairs and amazing cures for all illnesses - no wonder not sleeping is depressing 😂

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I agree, I switch off and find the radio more soothing to try and sleep with.

I watch " yes to the dress" Lol! I get excited by someone I don't know wedding dress shopping .... ok ...i now realise how sad that is!!!!

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Damaged in reply to allanah

Lol 😂 we all have our guilty pleasures. If anything takes your attention away for even minutes, do it. I have been obsessed with the history channel .


I love that programme too. Absolutely love the beautiful dresses. If it brings a smile to our faces it cannot be “sad”. Each to their own.


I love my radio during the night, I can sleep with my ear phones in listening to talking. Music works for me as well. I do tend to blot out the news as most of it is bad news. The distraction helps so I don’t lie awake worrying and concentrating on my pain.

Give it a try, hopefully it will work for you. Fingers mentally crossed.

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I watch it too! I love TLC!

Try watching the news with subtitles on no sound. It bores you to sleep.

Also why do they think deaf people are only awake at night ???

Absolutely right. Which is why we record programmes and then fast forward through the ads. It's the ones for funeral plans that make me livid. Synthetic sweet smile and 'for the family' makes me want to vomit. I hope you are able to sleep well very soon


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kt11 in reply to Gnarli

Stargazy lilies!😁x

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Gnarli in reply to kt11


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