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Xeljanz vs cimzia

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Hi..i may have asked this before but am asking again. I'm at a point with my ra that I need to make medication decisions. My option is between xeljanz or cimzia. I tend to get side effects of medications so am cautious probably over cautious In deciding. I already have high cholesterol, taking prednisone Imuran gold Injections and celebrex. I don't know much about either xeljanz or cimzia so that's why I'm asking here and hoping ppl will share experience with them if ever taken. Thanks again I really appreciate this group for insights and support.

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Hi Geraldine,

There should be quite a few people on here who are on Cimzia or Xeljanz who will respond hopefully (you can also search the site in the top right hand corner for posts about these medications). In the meantime, do have a look at our medicines booklet on our website nras.org.uk/publications/me... as it has information about all medication relating to RA including DMARDS, Biologics and Biosimilars.

Our Helpline will also be open on Monday at 9.30am (til 4.30pm) if you want to give them a call or if you have any concerns at all.

Kind regards


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Thank you :)

I am currently on Tocilizumab and am switching to Xeljanz hopefully in the new year. Supposed to work exceptionally well. I guess it would depend for you what your diagnosis is and what your rheumy thinks. I would definitely inquire about both and ask the Dr for a trial of the Xeljanz for 3 months and then a trial of the cimzia for 3 months. Sometimes the Dr's get a bunch of samples from the drug companies and are able to share with patients to see what works.

Hi Geraldine, I have now been on CIMZIA for at least five years and for me it's a wonder drug. It was the one drug that enabled me to get back control over my life. I have no idea what the side effects may be because a) I don't think ever had any, and b) my attitude is that if the benefit of the drug outweighs the side effects, then I am happy to put up with them.

In short: CIMZIA - Go for it! All the very best and keep in touch.

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Thanks everyone for replying. After considering both I've decided to try cimzia:) in my case cimzia has fewer side effects that would apply to me and I hear very good reviews about it from others who are taking it for rheumatoid arthritis :)

In Shorts Cimzia

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