The doctor has been to see me and this pneumonia isn't going......

The doctor has been to see me and this pneumonia isn't going......

The doctor has just been out to see me and she has given me some more steroids and antibiotics and when i go to see the rheumy next Tuesday i will have to tell them what has been going on with my chest as well. To say i feel ill is an understatement to be honest i feel so very very poorly and when i have finished this i am going back to my bed.xxxxx

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  • So sorry you're feeling no better Sylvi 😢 did your doctor not suggest a chest X-ray to see what's going on. Get plenty of rest 🌸

  • Yes they did and i am having it on Tuesday as i am at the rheumys and i have to discuss my chest with them as well.xx

  • That's good then. Hopefully by then you'll feel a bit better. Take care 🌸

  • You poor thing , this is really dragging on , i hope the steroids make a difference as you are having a rough time . Good luck with your rheumy appointment xxxx

  • Thoughts are with you. Rest and take care.

    Best of luck for Tuesday


  • Dear Silvi, please promise to go back to your bed and stay there! How do you expect your poor body to heal itself when you insist on trying to carry on as normal? Please spend the next few days in bed and allow your family and friends to care for you. I do hope I’m not speaking out of turn? It’s just that I get the feeling you do tend to overdo it? And I would so,like to hear that you are feeling better!

  • I have spent more time in bed resting as i don't feel well enough to do anything. Yes your right i do tend to overdo it,but not this time. Thank you for caring.xxxxx

  • Surely it needs to be full time in bed, not more time? You seem to have completely unrealistic expectations of your body’s ability to deal with a bug!

    We are all so much wishing you well and fit again. Please do stop trying to do all the other things and listen to what your body is telling you. Expecting the drugs to do all the work without help from you isn’t the answer. It just means the bug is in control and will take longer, and stronger drugs, to beat.

    With very best wishes for a speedy return to health!

  • I have a sofa bed downstairs so i get in that in the morning and i can promise you i am not doing anything at all. I go to the loo then lay down again and go to the bathroom to bring more plegm and back down again. This has knocked me side ways and it is all i can do just to go to the loo so Matilda for once i am being a good girl as at the moment there is no other choice as i feel that ill.xxxxx

  • Sorry to have mistrusted you! We do so want you well again. So now you have to promise us that when you do start to feel better you will take it very spring cleaning, tidying the garden, popping out to the cruel we are, but with the very best of intentions!

  • I know darling and i know you all know me so well,but this time it has floored me completely.xxxx

  • I had double pneumonia two years ago and was in intensive care for a week. I have never been so ill ever. I was on oxygen and Iv antibiotics. I went to hospital on Sunday but I had already taken my methotrexate on Thursday so it made it much worse. While in intensive care the nurse kindly brought in medication and brought me my next dose of methotrexate.

    I refused to take it. So they rang the Dr and she told them to send up the pharmacist.He said I was completely correct and that lefluonemide is worse as it works for three weeks suppressingthe immune system. So I didn't take either for a month then went off the lefluonemide altogether. Now I pay the price for that decision with lots of fatigue and pain.

  • Over the six weeks i have been ill i have only been able to take my mtx once and i won't be able to take it this week either. It is finally breaking(fingers crossed) i hope. I feel brighter with my chest and not as much green stuff is coming up now thank goodness. Thank you all for your care and yes telling me off when needed. I love you all for your love.xxxxx

  • I'm sending you a big hug!!

  • Thank you darling.xxxxx

  • Sorry Sylvi your still poorly ,hope you feel better soon,take care both 💕💕💝

  • Dear Sylvi,

    I do hope you feel better soon, this is dragging on so! Have tried sitting in the bathroom with the shower running straight hot and the door closed to steam up? That always helps me and with all the scar tissue in my lungs from the chemical pneumonia I suffered after I drank paint thinner as a child, I spend part of the winter with pneumonia! It's not fun to sit there but the steam will help break up the fluids in your lungs!

    Please do try this, the extra push against the congestion might be what you need!

    Lots of healing thoughts and prayers are coming your way!


  • Awww so sorry to hear your not improving , sending big hugs xxxx

  • Sylvi, I'm so sorry you are having such a very rough time at moment. Perhaps I shouldn't say it, , but maybe hospital admission would be best then you can have antibiotics via IV. It's a horrible thought going into hospital but might be necessary in your case.

    Love your fuschia picture, so much more uplifting than yesterday's pic, and much more Sylvi !!! Thinking of you and hoping those antibiotics kick in soon, xxxx

  • Plenty of rest, rest, rest & rest is a must. It's frustrating, but it needs to be done.

    Sending hugs to you. X

  • Aw bless . Have they stopped your rheumy drugs? Hope you feel much better very soon xxxxxx

  • The only thing i have stopped is the mtx Allanah.xxxxx

  • Best chatting with them soon then. Get well soon lovely x

  • Thank you darling i think things are going to change come Tuesday darling i don't know but change they will that i am sure.xxxx

  • Oh, Sylvi, gentle hugs from me to you. It seems to be taking such a long time to get you sorted. It's easy to say plenty of rest, but I know that's not easy with RA. It'll be good to know what the X-ray shows.

  • Sending lots of love your way, Sylvi and hoping that things improve really soon. Xx

  • You should be in hospital and stop taking any methotrexate or lefluonemide. They suppress the immune system and you already have pneumonia.

    You have a chronic disease and are more prone to this type of thing. You need proper nursing care

  • I am not taking my mtx darling and yes your maybe right i should have been

    in hospital,but it is what it is and thankfully i believe it is starting to break as i am starting to feel brighter. I got outside yesterday and got the sun on my face which put some colour in my face at least.xxxxx

  • Oh that's so good. I live in Australia and my first rheumatologist told me about not taking it if I was sick but nobody else ever told me again and the nurses in the icu didn't know either.

    I didn't know about the lefluonemide either until the hospital chemist told me it lasts three weeks!

    I am so glad you are doing better. It's a dreadful balancing act with the medications and the disease. I don't profess to be an expert far from it, but if I can pass on or learn from anybody else that's awesome.

    This site is so great, I see other patients at my rheumatologists and you get to chat a bit but I don't know their names. I feel not so alone with it talking to you lovely people.

    I originally migrated to Australia in 1969 from Mirfield in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

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