Got another one for you all! I've got numb, tingly toes - it's making walking a bit disconcerting as it gets worse when wearing shoes!

Having been in sandals all last week I didn't notice it til today when I put my shoes on again (brrr chilly this morning). Any ideas? RA nurse doesn't think it's my meds so must be something to doc to get it checked out so thought I'd ask if anyone had any suggestions that I can take in with me? (RA nurse is thinking it's a trapped nerve).

If it's not one thing it's another...

Oh, my eyes are as a result of an allergic reaction to something, plus I'm sneezing now so looks like hay fever! Great stuff, I'm so happy. Not.

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Hi Jo. my husband had something similar to this and yes his was a trapped nerve so it may well be the same.Glad you got something sorted about your eyes at least. Like you say if it's not one thing it's another.keep smiling Jo.

Take care

mand xx


Thanks Mand! xx


started getting cramps in legs and toes.. off to dr in a moment


I get cramps too and burning pains - I'm off to docs at 3pm! Hope you managed to get some answers x


dr has given me quinine tabs..muscle problems due to arthritis causing cramps

also arranged extra blood test for this afternoon.. vit defi can also cause prpblems b6 and b12 defic spring to mind.. and i need more physio..


Blimey, lots going on then. Glad you getting somehwere though, be nice to feel it's sorted before you go away! I'm B12 defic and am due a top-up but they won't give me it early :(


could be the cause of your cramps then??, i am getting frustrated having trouble with zips etc.. off work another two weeks,, going to rest up now.. hol tom... suitcase full of tabs lol xx


Just cought up with this B12 is def one that supports nerves, I had inj's of it after my stenosis spine ws sorted, Jo, my hubs has had hayfever for the first time in his life now 60, the kids laugh at him as they both had it when they were teenagers and he thought it was nothing to worry about. I know he's coming now as he sniffs every minute. Cramps I get them in my hands or up my shins, since my carpal tunnel op not had them in that hand but left hand still locks up. We are a strange lot take care all.

tricia x


Can I ask since we are talking muscle cramps etc! Does anyone get involuntary twitching of muscles ????? I do not sure why? But my muscles always ache.

Thanks guys

fiona xx


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