Hi hope There isn't to much suffering today,

is numbness a complication of RA it when I'm sleeping it wakes me up does anybody else suffer with it? Plus is it also normal for health care at home to leave me with just one benepali or should I have had a delivery by now I'm on my 12 week, my major concern is this numbness is waking me up of a night I read it could be a complication but there is that much info on the internet so I'm mot a 100 % sure thanks in advance

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  • Unhelpfully, it can be - it can also be a symptom of carpal tunnel (if it affects your wrists); some medications; possibly the neck or spine, depending on where the numbness is. Have you had chat about the numbness and the Benepali with the NRAS Helpline?

  • It's just all over my hands and wrist basically I'm half asleep when it happens I'm waiting on a call back from the rhem team and I have a appointment on the 17th, I have never spoke to the nrsa helpline, I just presumed the CNS would be a suitable solution I'm unsure. Thankyou for your input I really do appreciate the help that's given here.

  • Talk it over with NRAS and then you might be well placed for the clinic appointment with your team who will be well placed to advise you on the CTS (from the sound of it).

    And, NRAS might be a source of information on what's to be expected with your supplies and HCAH.

  • It's something you should discuss with your Rheumy or nurse really Vonnie. It could be nerve entrapment/impingement/compression due to inflammation caused by RD. Causes can depend on which nerves are causing the numbness. It could also be a side effect of one of your meds. Not easy to say really. There's also the possibility of vasculitis but whatever the cause it needs investigating so do mention it at your next appointment.

    My numbness is both nerve impingement (carpal tunnel) & possibly one of my meds rarer side effects. I had nerve conduction/nerve velocity studies to determine what was causing mine, maybe you should request these if they can't be explained or the cause known. You have my empathy though, it's no fun especially when it's causing broken sleep.

  • Thankyou I appreciate the feed back I just seem to be getting more issues as I go along not fun I am at clinic on the 17th and I don't think benepali is all it's made out to be but thankyou.

  • Just seeing your reply above.... wrist & hand numbness/pain sounds suspiciously like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, median nerve entrapment. It tends to be worse at night but I found dangling my arm down the side of the chair, or bed in the middle of the night, eased it a little. Before my first CT release the pain/numbness extended up to my elbow & eventually my shoulder, that happened a matter of weeks after diagnosis. The relief was immediate once I was out of theatre. I now have it in my right & indications in my left again. Certainly mention it on the 17th.

  • Thanks, my hands are permanently swollen I thought maybe it could be something like carpel syndrome myself, was just picking people's brains it's horrible though, CNS should ring me tomorrow I've left a message I'm not doing great on the benepali 12 weeks in I have a gum and leg abscess I just feel of, they won't do bloods while I have a abscess. Anyway thanks again mind runs riot sometimes but I am getting a full check up asap.

  • I often wake at night with numb fingers, usually little finger and ring fingers. I attribute mine to spinal cord injury (C3 staircase effect on C4 resulted in chaffing of spinal cord) for which I had a laminoplasty and fixation in 2002. Any numbness or tingling down arms, get it checked by GP as it sometimes is caused by nerves coming from neck.

  • Mines all over my hands and wrist well at least it seems like I'm half asleep but it's very powerful and I'm almost certain it's all over not just 2 fingers make a appointment at my GP and I have a clinic appointment on the 17 th of Sep .

  • I have recently been diagnosed with RA. I live in France where I have to say I have had very quick and thorough testing. Early on I was prescribed splints for my hands as I have carpal tunnel in my left hand but thankfully has not developed much in the right. They are like fingerless gloves with aluminium inserts which take the pressure off at various points and relieves the numbness. Very useful at night. I was very sceptical when I first got them but they have proved to be worth their weight in gold! Just had a look and there are loads to choose from on Amazon but would definitely go for the full splint with the metal insert. Mine came from our local pharmacy and they are a German make called 'Medi'. Hope this info helps.

  • I had Carpal Tunnel in both hands. I could hardly sleep for longer than an hour at most, at a time. The numbness and pain was excruciating. I had the release surgery done on both hands and it was almost miraculous how much relief I got. I quickly developed a synovitis on the top side of my hand and then I was referred and diagnosed by a Rheumatologist. I have read that CT can be a symptom of RA. Apparently, the release surgery "insulted" my immune system where the synovitis appeared in the next spot. I am fairly new to the world of RA, so I hope I am explaining this accurately enough as it was explained to me.

    I am not happy about knowing that I have a new incurable disease, but it's better to know than not know, so action can be taken to prevent further damage. Best of luck to you. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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