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For anyone switching from DLA to PIP.

After deciding many times not to put myself through a PIP assessment, my hubby and friend talked me into going. The closer the date got I felt as though I was back in 1982 with my driving test looming. When the date arrived I was surprisingly relaxed and just told it like it is. If anything I was very positive and upbeat saying how certain tasks are difficult but because I have to I adapt. I told them that yes I feel pain every day but it's like white noise, it's always there that your mind naturally ignores it and only really registers when it's over and above a certain level.

I held little hope of being awarded and only scored 9/84 for Daily Living and 0/24 for Mobility. In actual fact my PIP award is two and a half times what I got with DLA.

Good luck anyone awaiting a decision.

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I also found my benefit jumped up when I moved from DLA to PIP. This was probably because I had been awarded a low, lifetime, DLA allowance and I never bothered to apply for it to be reconsidered even though my needs became greater over the years. The change to PIP pushed me out of my apathy.

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