Table showing topical therapies for very dry eyes

Table showing topical therapies for very dry eyes

Just been reading the post by Twitchytoes about Sjogren's Syndrome. Whether you have secondary Sjogren's or just RA dry eyes, there's a very useful table in it with a range of ocular-lubricants, including those without preservatives, which I don't think are routinely prescribed by GPs.

Here's the link. There's a small clip from the table in the pic above...

My GP just prescribed Viscotears for my excessively dry eyes and it was only when I went to Eye A&E with scleritis and mentioned as an aside how painfully dry my eyes were that I was given 2 better ocular-lubricants, most importantly both without preservatives. I now get these on script instead.

The list of the ones that don't contain preservatives is on the far R of the table. Hope it's of use to someone else too...

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  • I was prescribed an occular eye gel by an eye specialist

    I can't use it as too hard to squeeze the bottle so have an eye gel in a tube also prescribed by my GP and is easier to use.

  • Thanks so much for this table - my GP is clueless and I've resorted to a homeopathic eye drop which costs a small fortune and comes in plastic phials that I can't squeeze so I'm back to square one until I can get a mother tincture that I dilute myself and can use an old fashioned 'dropper' to apply them.

  • Are you using Euphrasia with success (apart from managing its application!)? Be interested to know. I've got D3 drops and some E. Compound Ointment, given upon both...

  • Yes, and it's the only treatment ever to have helped. Trouble is it's a pain diluting it but in the great scheme of things, worth doing even though fiddly. I also seem to recall using Hypericum early on - I worked for a Homoeopath at the time. It may interest people to know that he tried all sorts for my RA but we decided the best he could do was look after my gut health. Sadly he had a family history of strokes and died - I miss his guidance terribly. He'd know exactly how to help my eyes. I'll hunt for his book and see what he advises if you're interested? Hope you have the best day you can - and everyone else of course.

  • This is really useful, thank you


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