Anyone had surgery for dry eyes?


I have secondary Sjogrens and am waiting for surgery to cauterise my tear ducts permanently to help with severely dry eyes. Eye consultant says that the only potential downside of this minor op is that I could end up with the opposite problem - permanently runny eyes, although he says that is unlikely given how severely dry my eyes are. Just wondered if anyone else has experience of this surgery.

Thanks Tillyx

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I've not had eye problems but just want to wish you good luck for your surgery. I hope it gives you some relief. Dry eyes must be really uncomfortable for you.

Paula x


Hi, I have had punctal plugs fitted and they have helped a lot.

I met a woman at a Sjogrens Group who had her tear ducts permanently closed by cauterisation and she was delighted and relieved after the op.

I guess the driest eyes are treated this way.

You have my sympathy. My eyes are bad enough!

There is a Sjogrens community on HU called TASSA. They might help?


I have had my eyes done last august. It was so easy i was in and out before i knew it. It has helped my eyes no end. I have a bit of bags under my eyes,but yes they do feel better. The operation is very simple, But be warned he will numb your eyes before he starts with an injection in each eye. You will feel the benifit within a day. Yes you get a bit more watering,but it is nothing to the dry eyes that you are suffering from now. My optician says my eyes are a lot clearer now i've had them done.

Best of luck,you will be fine and i didn't have any covering on my eyes only sunglasses.



Hello, I just want to say that I had surgery for dry eye due to secondary sjogrens.

The surgeon inserted plugs tosee if it would help, cauterisation is very permenant and by inserting plugs I could see if I would have problems.

In fact one was fine but I had to have one removed due to constant dribbling.

I had this done about 6 years ago and plug has stayed in situ with no problem. I hope this helps and that whatever you decide you find some relief.


Thank you so much for your replies. I have had temporary punctal plugs several times and they helped but didn't stay put for more than a few days each time. I do feel encouraged by your comments on the cauterisation and think that is probably going to be the best (only) option since drops and creams no longer give me any relief. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.



Hi Tilly

I've seen the Rheumatologist this afternoon and he recommended this procedure to help my secondary Sjogrens. I would be very interested to hear how you get on, especially as the other posts above are so positive! This condition, along with dry mouth and skin is really uncomfortable to live with on a daily basis and seems to fluctuate in severity just like RA!

Good luck x


Hello Trish

I will post again when I have had it done - alhough I need to wait for a while to see if the Rituximab infusions help the Sjogrens, so you might be done before me! If that's the case I would be very interested to know how you get on. I agree about the discomfort of the Sjogrens Trish. I don't have a problem with my skin but my dry eyes and mouth make things very difficult.

Thanks for your reply and hope that, if you do go ahead with the eye surgery it helps you.



Good Luck Tilly am thinking of you. Take care Ann x


Thank you so much Ann.



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