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MRI No-show?

I had an MRI done for a knee meniscus, and, like many of you here, nothing was seen.

Meanwhile, my knee locks up 2-4 times a week. Stair climbing is 50/50, depending on how I am that day. (Even 4 stairs can be too much.)

I'm 48, not heavy, non-smoker, healthy eater who walks everywhere & I have an average BMI.

The knee meniscus was diagnosed in June. I've been unable to work since then.

Answers? Advice? Both are welcome.

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I had a meniscul tear diagnosed 2 years ago and like you it would lock ramdomly and it was extremely uncomfortable.

The surgeon opted for an arthroscopy without the MRI as my symptoms (like yours) indicated a tear.

A repair was done but unfortunately I required a second arthroscopy as it never healed.

I hope you get a speedy resolution!


I'm sorry that you had to endure two arthroscopies. That sounds painful! And invasive.

I saw my doctor last night and she said that the underside of my kneecap looked rough. A surgeon, physio were recommended.


I had a meniscal tear that I managed non-surgically through physiotherapy for several years. I opted for the surgery when I was falling down stairs on too regular a basis and was concerned that I would fracture something major. tbh tho', a year on, tho' the surgery was successful and I re-established a full ROM very quickly, it now seems that I'm developing osteoarthritis in that knee (a known risk of meniscectomy - but the injury was too old to be repaired).


Yes, I've read about that happening afterward. Disappointing to say the least.


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