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MRI scan

Well the last of the obstacles to a decision on my RA treatment has been cleared. Had a scan of my hands today. The worst bit really was waiting - I arrived too early for my appointment. But at the right time I was seen, they took any metal off me, put in a cannula so I could have this special stuff that shows up inflammation etc. I had toile on my tummy with hands outstretched and once the machine started up stay absolutely still. It took about ten minutes - I refused the music and am glad now because it was quite clunky a bit like being inside a hovercraft. I managed to stay still ok and am now waiting for results which will be with my new consultant within a week. So watch this space.

I'm feeling ok but sometimes I feel desperately tired, and my ankles and knees especially are painful and ankles feel like they might collapse- so I'll be very relieved to be given a proper treatment programme

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I am like you caithie,releived to having something done at last. I like you feel ok about,just very tired and as i have been helping my daughter and her mate move. Not that i could do much the way i am.

I hope you soon feel up and enjoying doing things more. love


I hope the anti-tnf works for you. It did for me but very gently and slowly. I tried to give it a good chance - eg. I used to rest after the infusion. Was probably overdoing the tlc but better to err on that side! Keep well,



mri scanners are v noisy arent they sounds like you may be getting somewere now cathie?


Don't know what it'll show, but I posted this in case people were wondering and if the experience might be reassuring. The young guy in charge of this machine spoke very warmly of my consultant which is good sign.


Hi Cathie really pleased to hear that you are getting something done at last !!!!!!!!! x


fantastic news cathie, it looks like things are happening finally


Well i hope your new consultant is spot on and you finally get sorted.

Take care




Oh that's great news Cathie - so pleased you have a good consultant at last and are being properly checked off for red herrings and such like. I would be terribly worried about having an MRI scan - I'm very claustrophobic - one of the attractions of Orkney and it's huge vistas I guess? I actually don't know if I could do it but I guess/ hope I probably won't have to find out if things carry on as they are with my joints. Really hope you can get back on your anti-tnf very soon now. Tilda x


I nearly walked out - didnt fancy it too much but thought it was necessary so had to get a grip. I felt better for having done it. Wonder whT the pictures will look like! Xx

It was nice to get out!


Hi Cathie

Glad everything went well for you and hope that the results make things better for you.

I also had the MRI scan done on my left knee yesterday and I did not like it.

For some reason I was feeling very jittery and this is not like me.

I think I may have been tired and when they are getting my knee into position it was quite uncomforable.

My scan was not until 5.15pm and it took 25 mins.

I had been at work all day, then I did not get home until 7.30 as I do not drive and had to wait on 2 busses.

I was really tired and hungry when I got home.

Look after yourself

Mary x


I'm glad it's done aren't you. You must be shattered as its tiring being keyed up. My bus was 30 mins away so I got a taxi as it was cold to wait, and had a lovely chat with the driver who had also had one. It's not a nice thing and I cheered myself up by thinking that the technology is bound to improve and get smaller... As taxi driver says if you're bulky it's a bit tricky!


sure do make some funny noises them MRI scanners ,, if it wasnt for the noises id of fallen to sleep .. hope you get the results you need cathie ..

p.s. i got to see some pics from the scan ,, " totally amazing " .. ask your rheumy for a peep xx


Hi Cathie

Glad you've had your scan and I hope the results are good for your diagnosis if you know what I mean. I'm still waiting on my scan appointment - still don't know for sure if I am having ultrasound or MRI - but I just want to have it done, get a definitive, get some treatment and get some life back.

I did have an MRI scan done years ago (for something else not this) and you're right it is awful noisy and clunky and very claustrophobic. I will have to steel myself if it is one of those.

Brave girl for seeing it through, well done you :-)

All the best

Jo x


I hope you get it soon, whatever. I would feel better about haviing it again now I know what it entails. I tried to count to keep up with how much longer, but only got to 30! But the guy in charged told me when it was 4 mins to go - I asked him.

My mother had a friend who used to say 'this too will pass' - used to annoy me something rotten, but it did cross my mind! And it did!


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