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Has anyone tried the Clint paddison program

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  • Yes, did nothing for me. All the information is available for free, I highly recommend you don't pay for it. While some people get relief, if you read through the posts here, the vast majority find no relief with that program.

  • Hi lilyak... were you strict with the program?

  • Yes of course. I have multiple food allergies, no choice but to be strict. Food has no impact on my RA. (unfortunately)

  • I figured... just wanted to check since Clint says most of the people who fail his program don't follow things 100%. I too have had no luck with dietary changes, fasts, etc. It's very frustrating. The RA meds aren't working either... even after 5 months. I hope you find relief.

  • Thanks Needforname, I also haven't found a medication, except prednisone, that gives me significant relief. To be honest, that's the standard built in excuse that all the diet mongers have 'You didn't follow it strictly'. They never accept that the diet just doesn't work for everyone (because they make a fortune out of it), they blame the victim and keep selling their dream to very vulnerable, desperate people. And no, I never got that refund. I wish you all the best too, I hope you find a treatment protocol that helps you. If diet worked, there would be no more RA.

  • That's good the prednisone give you some relief. Too bad it's not a long term solution. I was on prednisone 2x and it just made me feel worse. Which is strange because it seems it helps just about everyone. Methotrexate, LDN and Cymbalta also haven't worked for me. Running out of options. Best of luck.

  • Out of curiosity, are you seropositive (high anti-ccp) with your RA? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering if being seropositive somehow reduces the effectiveness of RA drugs. I don't have an RF factor, yet my anti-ccp levels have skyrocketed to 2,600! I have no visible swelling, but I do have bone damage and daily chronic pain for years (neck, back, ankles, knees, wrists). Also very lethargic.

  • I was seronegative, but my anti-ccp hasn't been checked in years, so I can't be 100% certain. Your symptoms sound just like mine, minimal swelling, but visible damage being done and lots of pain and fatigue. I need opioids to deal with the pain. I'm sorry prednisone doesn't help you, it does seem to help most people. But yes, its temporary relief. Still, I need that sometimes, and I'm lucky its an option. I hope you have a good rheumy who won't give up on you, and you find some relief.

  • Thank you. Please update us if you find something that works for you. I've seen some people have luck with CBD oil or turmeric paste. Maybe something to consider if you haven't yet. They didn't help me, though they are safer options worth trying I suppose.

  • I absolutely will. I have tried tumeric, its has a very mild anti-inflammatory effect. Not powerful enough for me to notice a difference. I would love to try CDB oil, but while its technically legal, doctors still can't/won't prescribe it easily. But the day will come and I will wait! I still have one biologic to try also, so there is still hope. Are you able to get on a trial for one of the new medications? I'm sorry you're out of treatments, its a very tough place to be. All the best to you.

  • From what I've read, turmeric paste offers quite a bit of anti-inflammatory capabilities. It works for many people with arthritis and even RA. It didn't help me though. Turmeric by itself doesn't offer much benefits, though apparently when heated and combined with an oil and fresh cracked black pepper, it increases the benefits dramatically. All I know is that it seems to help a lot of people, though who knows... maybe it's a placebo effect. There are recipes online for "turmeric paste".

    I've tried so many supplements, diets, medicines, holistic practices, etc and nothing has helped. I even bought a Quell pain relief device. It didn't work. Nothing more than a drastically overpriced tens unit that you wear on your leg. Though, apparently it does work for some people.

    Regarding the CBD oil, you can buy hemp CBD oil legally in the United States. It's the marijuana CBD that is illegal in most states. There seems to be some speculation if hemp cbd is as effective as a cbd deriving from marijuana or in combination with mary jane.

    In reply to your comment about biologics... I have yet to try a biologic, so I guess I haven't exhausted all options yet. My doctor seems to make is sound like that is a final option because of the steep cost. I hope it works for you.

  • Rocky, if you use the search box (top right of your screen) and keywords like diet you'll find that there have been a lot of posts on this. Or search for posts by Kai as she has put up a huge amount of information on this.

    These non-conventional approaches do have some success with some people - but be aware that they can be tough and require a lot of changes particularly to start with.

  • I'm afraid there has been a great deal of talk about this programme on this forum but there is absolutely no proven evidence to back up the claims of this programme. I also checked with our equivalent patient organisation in Australia (where this chap resides) and they like us believe that the programme is primarily a money making scheme with no evidence base at all. I would always suggest caution when following anything promoted via the internet that has no scientific evidence. nras.org.uk/diet-rheumatoid...

  • Hey Clare, who did you check with? Try Arthritis NSW, they're one of the biggest, and it's been a while now but I used to be their Ambassador and hosted their William Walk fundraising events each year and wrote healthy tips articles for their quarterly magazine called Arthritis Matters etc...

    'Money Making Scheme' just means we run a business. Yep. We do. It's called Paddison Program LLC. The business helps people with RA, that's what it does. But as Lilyak says above, we give away so much free content that people can implement as much, or as little, as they like without having to spend a cent :-)

    As for evidence, endless testimonials don't change National Body guidelines, so we are planning a clinical trial. Looking forward to getting that done, so we can make even more progress with ensuring people with RA get the right information about how to improve - not just survive - their condition.

  • I want us all to improve- not just survive our conditions so I look forewards to reading about your clinical trial. When will the clinical trial take place and I assume it will be double blinded, etc?

    We all know endless testimonials don't change the National Body guidelines, nor should they. So if your double blinded, placebo scientific study shows a positive effect, then it will change the World Health Organizational guidelines on RA. I await your study results.

    Does it really matter what anyone personally believes about the Paddison Program? Your scientific study will be able to prove or disprove your program.

  • Can't do double blind - people will clearly know what they are eating. But the controls will be those who make no dietary changes, and the subjects will follow an exact process that removes as many variables as possible. I met with Dr Goldhammer at True North in California and he has already given me the green light for doing it there, or another option is back home in Australia, where we might get philanthropist funding. In the meantime, I'm gathering a large amount of quantitative data via feedback forms from clients to show improvements to blood test results and drug dependancy over time. Eventually we'll get there.

  • Can I like Kay's reply twice?

    It bears repeating that there are many types of RA. There are plenty of people misdiagnosed as having RA and later whether through the disease progression or abatement find that they have something altogether different which mimicked RA

    Publishing statistics would be very helpful not only for patients but scientists as well. The more pieces of puzzle they can put together the better.

    1. Does gender make a difference? What percentage of males or females have more success? Keeping in mind that more woman get this disease. 5 to 1 ratio

    2. Bone erosions. Not to be confused with joint damage. Joints can damage from cartilage destruction. Bone erosions (bone resorption) can happen even if the cartilage is good. There is a difference.

    3. Anti CCP test results--how positive would help too. For example if someone tells you it's 20 as opposed to >200

    4. Swelling. Of course there will be loads of pain and immobility if there is inflammation. That happens to a heathy person when they sprain their ankle. What happens when there is little to no swelling but damage is evident on MRI's?

    5. CRP/ESR. How many people never had raised markers? For example CRP 0.01 from day one through two or more years

    All of those are far more interesting to me than the simple trial that proves someone feels better or their CRP lowered as mentioned above you can have damage happening with little to no CRP. You have placebo effects going on as well as people that will continue to be on meds whether prednisone, DMARD or a Biologic. Sometimes it can take a year for Biologics to reach its full potential. So was it the diet or the Biologic continuing to work.

    I'm all for doing a trial so you can try to prove that diet makes a difference I just feel it needs to include a lot more than just a matter of success vs failure. If you're going to do something like that then I applaud you and look forward to it.

  • Yep, it will be as you have described. DAS etc as well.

  • It would be equally great if you could post some statistics that you undoubtedly have now without bias as to what type of RA seems to respond to your diet. This may not be good for you as a business standpoint so I can see the reluctance to do so but it may help those with a particularly nasty, erosive form of the disease understand why it doesn't work for them.

    I'm sure you're aware that one trial is not going to be enough for the scientific community especially if the participants are cherry picked--not saying this will happen with yours but I know that even in trials with traditional western medicine participants are often excluded if the drug company has a hunch that it won't work for them.

    I'd still like to add that I think trying to put together a trial is a step forward in the right direction especially if it's carried out fairly.

  • Hi Clint I think anyone suffering with ra likes to try anything and I am one of them I get many emails in reference to your program but the issue is I have no direct point of contact to you directly I can not do Skype at present I am in hospital obviously you can be busy but it would be better to contact you directly either email or business phone num

  • Hello Rocky Arthritis Australia's phone number is

    1-800-011-041. Arthritis Australia supports scientific research and studies. They supply grants to find a cure for RA and they are recognised by your government. The University of Queensland is in contact with this group....and as you may already know Professor Ranjenny Thomas is a world renown leader in the search for a cure of RA.


  • Hello Clint,

    I am very sorry that you have been met with such a hostility from the admins side on this site. I have difficulty understanding where this comes from. Everything that helps in controlling this disease should be welcomed and not shot down. The fact still remains that the PP has helped a large number of sufferers and that really should account for something. We all know that meds do not help everyone and still there they are not condemned. I believe this is the case with PP as well, it does not help everyone. It would be very interesting to hear about statistics of the sufferers that it has helped, gender and age in perticular would interest me.

    I wish you all the luck and think you have done a valuable job in helping so many with this difficult disease.😊👍🏻Simba

  • Hi

    I had high hopes for this and tried but it actually made my RA worse. While following the programme I stopped my biologic but continued with my Methotrexate, during the 3 days fasting, which I did religiously, my RA became so bad I couldn't manage in getting up stairs, Im sure it works for some but, unfortunately not me ☹️



  • Why stop the biologic drug? No wonder things went off the rails, I make it pretty clear not to change meds when you start our Program unless it's Dr's orders. Anyways, hope you're doing better now. Just contact me off this site if you want to. Sometimes they delete my posts on here so I don't get replies etc

  • Wouldn't the recovery be attributed to the drugs instead of the diet if you don't stop the meds?

  • You have to taper off drugs when your body is ready. Nobody would just stop. That's asking for trouble

  • Hi fluffiness, Glenb and Clint,

    No not really, when you are having a high incident of side effects of continuous infections as I was with Embrel, had no choice but stop, in any case not sure if you can wean off a biologic. Significantly I had already stopped when looking for an alternative magic cure and thats when I found and tried the Paddison programme, and as I have said it made me worse not better. From what I have read it likely works for leaky gut caused by over use of antibiotics. But I know that my RA is Genetic , my sisters' suffer and my grandmother suffered badly it was mentioned as cause of death in her death certificate aged 57. What I have found is that there is not a cure-all in RA ,clearly there are many varieties of RA as there are peoples'. I think people who promote alternative cures need to be more specific in what type of RA could benefit from their programmes.



  • The idea is the diet runs alongside your meds and if things stabilise ask your rheumy if you can tweek down your meds whilst still keeping up the diet. If things don't settle down then 'nothing lost' except for a few pounds in weight.

    I started the diet for a while last summer but really I already knew potatoes and tomatoes make my RA grumble as does too much bread and dairy so I didn't go full whack for the whole thing.... I'm already well maintained and still teaching full time nearly 3 years into my diagnosis and starting treatment. I'm on one med (methotrexate 20mg/week) which I can tweek with no real ill effects when I am getting a cold etc or if there is a bug in school so am not in the need of such a restrictive/drastic measure. If my system is getting nigglely I have an extra 'light' weekend food wise but to go at it full whack is not really viable cos i dont want to spend my free time prepping foods which in the main part are not appetising for me.

    Like Clint says ther are ways on the internet to access the basics free and there is no need to buy into their programme unless you want the extra support from the company/group - I've not spent a penny on it but used the intro videos and the food lists for it to give it a look over and decide if it was for me - sorry Clint not for me not right now anyways. But I am interested in the notion of a clinical trial into your diet especially if it was carried out by a third party not connected to the 'prescribing' company with double blinds placebos etc.

    All the best


  • I had to do a 3 day fast for a medical test last year (water only). My RA symptoms didn't subside one bit. This goes against most of the claims that diet is the trigger and that after 3 days of not eating trigger foods, pain should lessen.

    I've also tried elimination diets for longer periods with no success. Not to mention cbd oil, ldn, boron, turmeric paste and the plethora of other dietary or supplement approaches that apparently work for some people. With that said, I'm still trying to remain open minded about the possibility of a controlled diet helping reduce auto immune attack.

    I'm currently on Methotrexate, cymbalta and pain meds. Nothing helps with my RA pain. Even prednisone didn't work... which is odd considering it seems to help with pain in just about everyone short term. I hope you are able to find something that works for you.

  • I am now on 14th day of Clint Paddison programe and I can't explain how I feel; a big improvement compared to how I felt before. I am not on mtx because it couldt work for me but am still taking my plequanil and prednisolon. Both the drugs supported by the program has made my life better. It may not b a quick fix coz even then,a disease can't go the way it came so am hoping for a better future with Clint Paddison program. It is working for me

  • The same can happen if the medication works and you go into remission. Once you are in remission doctors try to reduce the amount of medication. Some people don't flare up after stopping. So to say it's the diet that helped is questionable. Just my thought.

  • Significantly I had already stopped my meds when looking for an alternative magic cure and thats when I found and tried the Paddison programme, and it made me worse not better. From what I have read it likely works for leaky gut caused by over use of antibiotics. But I know that my RA is Genetic , my sisters' suffer and my grandmother suffered badly it was mentioned as cause of death in her death certificate aged 57. What I have found is that there is not a cure-all in RA ,clearly there are many varieties of RA as there are peoples'. I think people who promote alternative cures need to be more specific in what type of RA could benefit from their programmes.



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