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Hi everyone I have been in agony for couple days always in pain but never this bad and hot sweats to now got rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia great being as I'm off work on holiday !! Well it's a stay at home holiday !! Can anyone advice me of any jobs working from home would be ideal I'm just panicking about getting into debt if I don't work thanks mand

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Hi Babybaps. I'm not in your position but I wanted you to get at least one reply. You seem to be having a horrible time at the moment and I'm so sorry to hear it. Could you contact your rheumy team or GP for more effective pain relief, like a steroid shot, to tide you over? You've probably already thought about it but might it be time to apply for PIP or other benefits to relieve the money worries? Perhaps even consider retirement on health grounds? I sincerely hope your situation improves very soon. Huge hugs


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