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Oh dear I am in trouble again Mum complained her evening meal was late again. I wouldnt mind but she didnt eat her lunch at all. Then she hadnt took all her tablets today. My fault again gosh what a crap carer I am. I will have to sack myself. Hey ho tomorrow is another day. On a positive note I have lost 3lbs I am off now to try to find them lol.

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  • think you are wearing your self out. sharon.. your mum may need a lot of care or may be also demanding attention. hard to say,, but you mustnt be hard on your self, it must be very hard and I am sure you are doing a good job, please try to get some help from somebody ...

  • Thanks summer well my daughters do help when they can but I dont want to set them on doing too much. They are only young women, my friends tell me I deserve a medal I dont want one I just want a better quality of life for me and my Mum.

  • Can you say how you lost the weight? which diet are you on??

    I need to find the willpower to shed some too


  • Well I am doing weightwatchers my version. I lost 4 an half stone about 7 years ago. Now one divorce and illness and stress and ill mother later quite a lot of it is back. I am also doing it with my eldest daughter who has put a lot of weight on since having her baby. Best advice I can give is write everything you eat down, weigh yourself once a week or even once a fortnight. I was a weight watcher leader after reaching my goal. Also if you have a day where you fall off the wagon get back the next day. Hope this helps a little.

  • Hi Lady bloggers, well I'm sure our gent mates don't have to watch their weight.

    Sharon have you asked for any help from these care for the carer people, here abouts in Warks and Gloucs there a few groups who will come and watch someone while you go and have your hair done, or stay a night so you get some rest. We had them help us when Hubs Mum lost it she had gangrene in the end and went completly doo lally tap.

    Anyhow ladies THe photo of me was taken early january, since then I've lost 1st 12lb and why- It's the WW old points diet combined with only taking 2.5mg steroids.last october i was on 30mg a day the July previous i was in Hospital and I had 5 lots intrevenious,so honest this week I've sat and taken 3 pairs of trousers in all be it slowly as I can't feel with ny right hand. The fat seems to have shifted from my waist hips legs and bum. so I'm pretty pleased as well.

    May we all continue to drop lb's, and Sharon you'll find yours round the bend, as a WW leader you may understand what I mean.

    Tricia x

  • It cab be done the4n. What about Slimmimg world? My maths is rubbish and I thought that wieight watchers involved points and counting doh!

  • This made me laugh out loud... I think you can do it if you are ready to do it, being a life long dieter extradinaire!! I know about diets like LynW knows about Rheumatoid Arthritis..... well almost she knows an awful lot bless her, Err but I am still morbidly obese at 16st apparently so it says, Morbid?? Me??? Good Luck x

  • Sharon. Oh dear, sounds like my dear old dad ... it seems to come with the territory (I think that's the right do dah). It is very very hard, I cant imagine how you manage with your own health and your mum. Perhpas it is time to try and get some outside help. You will still be there won't you, but less tired... and able to cope... ohhh hark at me.. x

  • I've just rejoined slimmming world and am finding it quite easy to cope with and no weighing or counting. So here's hoping

    Sharon if you go on line and look for crossroads, I am pretty sure they are country wide. They give the carers a break. My brother lives with mum who is a bit dodgy and he is a freelance journalist. He has them call in twice a day whilst he works. They will do anything, ppersonal care, meals, just a chat, they will also stay for up to 72 hours if you want a weekend away. I live in Middlesex and our branch charge £12 an hour. We find them excellent and flexible they can usually provide help within 24 hours. Even if you just gave yourself one day off a week and had them call in I am sure it would help.

    Sue x

  • HI Sharon

    me again, Just checked on line, go to and then go onto there location finder, they do cover the whole country.

    Good luck

    Sue x

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