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worse off than was before opperation

well since my knee microfracture surgery 11 weeks ago the knee is worse now than it was before ie every time i walk it feels klike somthing jamming annd stinging under knee cap Like its nottn tracking right and the ankle is still sore to on that leg

so nall in all i whish i had left well alone dont see him for another 6 months and its now getting to my back trying to put weight to other leg

Enyone experienced this

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HiHi have you thought about talking to the surgeons secretary, because it has been known that you might be able to jump the lists, and say it's worse than it ever has been.

It's a chance worth taking for the cost of a phone call.



told phisio therapy i see him again in 6 months have you had knee opperation


No, don't be daft lol I'm a terrible diabetic so they refuse to let me sleep and it's my feet and Ankles that hurt so much. I have had several ops over the years and one time I wasn't getting better and lots of pain, I phoned the surgeons secretary and she got me in within days, for me that was brilliant so it may be worth it. You never know.


I had plastic surgery on my head several years ago. Good luck I hope your pains ebb away soon.


Isn't there a orthopedic clinic you could get referral to? I had two knee replacements and this kind of situation was where you ought be be able to get help.

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Hi John, still no joy? A friend of mine had a knee op about 3 weeks ago & said that the surgeon said not to expect to much in the first couple of months. He is definitely in more pain now than before but it's of course very early days for him. I think you should phone the secretary as been suggested. Get your gp onside maybe. Good luck.


no its not getting any better and i have teeth problems back again receding gums back

and the knee is worse than it was aqnd ankles complaining again


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