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My teacup is heavy :(

Hi all, as some of you already know my probs may or maynot be RA. Today is one of my tired days. During yesterday all my joints started hurting, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles and feet. Well I wouldn't really call it pain it's more of a bad ache type pain.Except for a couple of fingers which are quite tender. No swelling except my ankles which never quite go down these days. I feel incredably tired, even my teacup feels too heavy to hold. I'm still smiling thanks to Julie's blog.

Yesterday I took everyones advice and rang the rheumy nurse, she's promised to find my results out and get back to me. I've been thinking about that though, I had all my tests bloods, xrays and full bone scan at the beginning of June surely the Rheumy would have checked the results as they came in and if they were pos would have contacted me. So I would think no news is good news, always the optimist that's me. Maybe my probs are menoausal with perhaps a bit of OA. I know lots of women do get joint pain and fatigue during the meno and are often refered for RA tests too.

Hope everyone has a good day Babs xx

PS can some explain what would be classed as a flare up. I've heard RA effects joints in two's ie both hands, during a flare up would you expect both hands to be the same. Both my hands are effected even the same fingers are the worst on each hand but they don't flare up the same. Like the other week, I couldn't use my left at all, my right was painful but not as bad. Is this the same for others. Hope this bit makes sense to someone. xx

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hi Babs

sorry to that you are having a bad flair up , my joints swell and are painful and they symptoms move around one day could be left wrist next day or somewhere else apart from swollen right ankle cannot find any comfy shoes so wearing flit flops for now ., I mention this to the nurse and they look at me and cant give an explanation why .

Hope you feel better soon x


people are usually symmetrical but with hands difference can be experinced.. by which hand you use most... im left handed...


Hi Babs,

I have always had flare up's in ones. Today my right wrist & right knee are awful. I'm right handed & did have a car accident injury on my right knee so that maybe why. I have other flare up's when it's symmetrical, funnily enough my feet/ankles always are!?

I love Julie's blogs :) too.

Hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks girls, sounds like nothings text book. My right hand usually is the worst but last time it was my left, I'm right handed. Both my feet/ankles flare up at the same time too Tiasteph, maybe because we put equal pressure on them.

I find driving difficult, I first noticed I had a problem because driving in flat shoes became painful especially if I had to drive at 30mph or less. No problem in 2" heels. This got worse until one day I set off and had to return home 5mins later the pain was so bad, now I can only drive in heels. Must be something to do with the angle of my foot. xx


HI Babs - yep I am an episodic type of RA-er. Although I get the all over general fluey feeling, my joints tend to take it in turns to give me gip!

Sometimes its both wrists but I can usually put that down to what I have been doing in terms of over doing it.

I recognise the driving problem too! Slow driving was a killer I dreaded a traffic queue and used to turn off and go round in order to keep driving!

Hope you get something definite soon... take care

Julie xxx


Hi Julie and thanks, the pain on driving was one of my first symptoms. Or should I say one I couldn't ignore, it's suprising how many I have but never put together. I didn't link the joint pain and fatigue together until I read something on menopause. Then when my gp said I had ra I went on the web site and linked other things. No sleep or appetite, last year when I had a routine eye tests he prescribed eye drops cos he said my eyes were very dry. The other one that hit home was a flu like feeling, that's how I've felt for ages. You know that general unwell, heavy, can't move your body feeling. Since looking into ra I will be suprised if I don't have it but a proper diagnosis will be nice. hope you're having a good day Babs xx


I think you might be in denial Babs - although you are at least still here and still telling us all these things so not in complete denial and I can see you are trying to be brave. But summoning courage is just going back to your GP and phoning your rheumy's secretary asap because I don't think what you or I have is just hormones. It may have been triggered by hormones but it's not that anymore I'm fairly sure.

I don't like the sound of your GP who told you that you had RA but didn't refer you straight away? Mine was the opposite and referred me and wrote a letter telling consultatn he was putting me on a DMARD (which I had to come off because of side effects) but overworked rheumy didn't reply for almost 6 weeks to say too early to the DMARD. Now he appears to be dragging his heels once more. And i can't get second opinion unless i go private which I can't afford to do.

Very recently I was told of someone who has a confirmed diagnosis but simply takes a hip flask full of whisky with her everywhere and eats over the counter painkillers rather than the recommended meds. You don't want to end up like that do you. Find out for once and for all and then you can do whatever is necessary to hold it at bay?

I'll have to visit my GP again on Monday for once a weekly hassle because I don't have rheumy's sec's number. Poor man (GP) but what else can i do? My shoulder has frozen up now with a deep ache. Feet sore and feel swollen too. I could hardly lift my pillow up to put it here under my laptop and doing everything with left hand now. In fact I could hardly drag myself to the toilet earlier because everything is so stiff. I've taken max painkillers earlier and the prescribed amitriptilyne but nothing is working and I ache.

Got folks coming to dinner tonight and I've been up since 2 am so it's going to be a hard Saturday I think.

Middle son never came home so that started insomnia off but when I picked mobile to text him I couldn't believe the pain in shoulder and both elbows! Oh dear. He'll be out celebrating because he got great grades yesterday in his Standard Grade exams (Scottish GCSEs) - five As and three Bs - and he deserves a night out as he worked so hard - although he's probably had a bit to drink and will be looking after his best mate who is a year older and has not done well as he should have in his Higher exams. So his friend really will be gutted and don't doubt he's drinking heavily. Almost wish I could join them to be honest!

Sorry so long winded and sorry I've hijacked your post a bit Babs. I couldn't face starting a new blog as feeling so sorry for myself now that I would just come over as a complete winge-bag. Better to sneak in on back of yours i feel?!

Time for next dose of paracetamol if I can make it to the bathroom. So this must be a flare for sure I think. Hells Bells it would arrive at start of the weekend.


And re read your post Babs and you aren't in denial of course sorry - just trying desperately to be optimistic which I relate to because I am too. After a week of doing good it was easy - but it's not working anymore. Just want the GP to tell me it's RA and I'll come home and sleep for a month and then take it on the chin!


Tilda - You are having a real rough time at the moment - i know it's easy to say but I think irrespective of whether you have a definite diagnosis or not I think it might be a good idea if you just rested up for a while.... try and take some pressure off yourself - how on earth are you going to manage a dinner party!. Yes the company might be nice but ask them to bring their own food!

Oh goodness hark at me. I feel your pain and can recognise where you are because I was in that place a few months back.

Having a firm diagnosis will indeed make a difference because like you says you will know how to move forward.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself, and take care :-)

Julie xxx


Well you have been much in my thoughts because it's my shoulder this time and I know how yours has ailed you lately Julie. I feel like I'm going clockwise slowly but surely because I had the same shoulder a few months ago and then in moved on to left elbow a few days later.

This starts deep somewhere under my shoulder blade and goes aching right down through my arm into my wrist and hand bu although it moves around every day or two it's not symmetrical. Is this what you mean by rotar cuff or whatever it's called? It would be interesting to find a pattern but I still wish there was something more visible to show the doctor on Monday than an allegedly sore shoulder or elbow.

Hubby and visiting auntie are doing the cooking so I can pretend to be a guest! I have just hoovered but that was more by way of gentle exercise and I mostly used my left arm.

If you moan too much up in these parts you are known as "a right pleep" and that's what I usually end up feeling when I see anyone in the medical profession these days!


Hi Tilda. It's nice to know you have been thinking of me! albeit linked to pain!

No my shoulder i.e. rotator cuff whatsit affects the very top of the arm where it joins the collar bone. It's where the whole arm joints rotates inside that joint. You describe and upper back pain across the shoulder blade. I had this too! but I think it was down to the strain when i was pitch forking the straw when bedding up the cows. I don't think it is RA related because it's not a joint. BUT I do believe that the overall achy feeling you get with RA makes ll my bones ache. I get painful shoulder blades when I lie on my back for too long! Aye by goodness, life is sooo interesting is it not! Have a nice relaxing time tonight Tilda, sup the vino and chillax!!!

Julie xxx


Hey Julie. I'm so bad at describing symptoms I realise. No wonder my GP appears a bit sceptical sometimes! It isn't in my back although it spills over into the shoulder blade but rather it is in top of my arm. Feels a bit like the ache after a vaccination (BCG/ TB/ Smallox or something) in top of arm we used to have at school? Do you remember going round with a very aching upper arm for a few days afterwards? Well it's like a heavier version of that complete with general ache.

I do hope Babs is coping with life okay today as this is her post? Do you get some help with your son at the weekend?

I repeat that I'm not symmetrical apart from hands and feet - but then that's no help as I've no diagnosis yet ?!


Hi Tilda I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a bad time. Don't worry about hijacking my post, it's given me an idea check out my new one. I'm fed up waiting for my diagnosis, to me it's the worst part. I'm the sort that faces probs head on, I cope better when I have something to fight. If I can say I have RA I'll deal with it, all this have I haven't I is driving me nuts. I feel quilty if I don't carry on as normal, I don't think my lot take it seriously either. I've always done all the housework, gardening etc never insisted my kids or other half do anything, now I'm paying the price. If I get a proper diagnosis at least I can give them a name, show them the info and say look I need help. Last time my hand was swollen my OH said what's wrong with your hand, I said it's very painful I can't use it, he said oh and went out leaving me to shower and get my little lad ready for bed. Trying to put a nappy on with one hand is fun lol.

Sorry now I'm going on, it's just nice talking to people who actually understand what you're on about.

As for my Dr no I'm not impressed with her. My plan is to wait for a diagnosis then if I do have ra find a gp who has an interest in it. I'm lucky that way, we have plenty to choose from in our area.

good luck with your gp Babs xx


Still have fingers crossed for both Babs & Tilda that it's something else that's more temporary than RA - but do rest as mush as you can as pacing yourself really does make a difference. However, re question about flare up I've never been symetrical. I can have right hand & left knee & right foot swelling at same time - or any combination of joints really. I don't think RA has read the same books. Polly


Hi Polly, rest!! what's that lol. That's one of my biggest problems, I feel quilty doing it. Even on my worse days when I'm so tired I just want to stay in bed, I drag myself up and force myself to keep going. I'm my worst enemy, that's why I think a proper diagnosis will help me. If I can say I have this I have to rest, I will. I think lol.Hope you're coping ok. xx


Snap snap snap on the diagnosis Babs. It is blinkin' torture having to put up with people saying it's all in the mind. I had a chap try and heal me tonight when he was just meant to be keeping my auntie happy by coming here for dinner. But I was in so much pain he spotted it and came round the back of me and sort of massaged and attempted to heal me via my neck. It was quite nice actually until he spilt the olive oil and the dog licked it up so now dog will probably have the runs?!

This chap is a potter and had the right hands for doing this kind of stuff I guess and I think he meant well but then he kept asking me if I was better and it had all gone away while I cleared the table so I felt I had to grimace a smile and say "oh yes terrific course it has.." - I've had this wretched pain circling my body for nearly 6 months now and he thinks he can heal it over dinner?! Good luck to both of us I say - roll on the day when we can hand 'em all an NRAS leaflet and walk out of the door! Tilda x


Tilda/ Babs It took me from a july referral to nov for consultant for diagnosis!! its not good enough and I pity you both!!. the pain was so bad I though I might have something awful like cancer.. and thats some one like me who should be more rational.. when in pain. or faced with the unknown. it is scary.. it impossible to be objective about one self without facts!!. even then when its me I like a second. opinion.. my fav gp is great.. he knows.. my job.. we have a great relationship.. he is efficient. direct and treats me respect.. my registered gp.. until recently.. gave me the impression.. that I was 6 years old he is a bit up himself.. he isnt popular with the other drs.. needless to say.. technically he is very through!.. an hour wait at each appoint... he now talkd to me like a grown up too.. patients need knowledge and be treted like intelligent human bings. not children. or mushrooms..


I think my GP is good although in a small community like ours one hears things about them all that could put you off. In theory we can just make appointment for any of the three but don't like landing a locum these days and also feel it would be embarrassing to have to see this guy seeing me waiting for one of his colleagues now. I did seize the day when he was away on holiday to see the woman gp, who is fab and sent me off for hand and wrist x-rays, but she only works part time.

I do hope everything isn't too awful with your dad Alison. I really feel for you. My late dad had a huge heart attack ten years before he died and I remember having to walk past tramps sitting at the lift landing every time I went into intensive care to visit him. Both my parents died in their early seventies out of the blue without any warning at all - which was lucky for them and for me in some ways too - apart from the shock of course. But very glad I didn't have to watch either of them suffer too much over their lives in retrospect. Good luck and thinking of you.


Thank you Tilda xx


Hi all,

I started with the pain when driving particular with slow speed. Yes 2" heels helped but then I got serious swelling at the back of firstly my right heel then my left so GP sent me to a consultant who tested me as usual and guess what BOTH of my Achilles tendons have gone.(Now at this point if I was a footballer they would operate and I'd be just fine) "No sorry I can't operate you have too much less wrong with you" Just what you don't need to hear hey? But R A I hate you!



Sorry meant to say "Too much else wrong with you"


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