Methotrexate and Ovex interaction

Hi there

One of my dd has threadworms and ideally we all need to be dosed! I know, tmi! My question is does anyone know if it safe for me to take ovex or similar whilst on mtx and hydroxychloroquine. Can't really get an answer on google. Will of course ask the pharmacist but just wondered if anyone had any direct experience ??


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  • I'd get advice from NHS 111 before you do anything, just to be on the safe side! M x

  • I'm on MTX & if it was me taking Ovex (& I'm glad it's not!) I'd ask the Pharmacist where you bought it before taking it just to be on the safe side, though I don't think there's any interaction between the two.

  • Hi there. The pharmacist checked and said it was fine. I see from the ovex leaflet that a rare side effect can be liver function problems but it doesn't seem that being on mtx would make that more likely one way or another.

  • Pleased you checked. It'll show on your next drug monitoring bloods if it does affect your liver so best to make whoever reads your results aware that you've needed to take mebendazole if they are just so they know it's likely to be the MTX that's caused it (in my case that would be my GP or Practice Nurse, though if I have elevated results my Rheumy is made aware).

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