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I was told last week after a ms/neurologist saw my brain mri from March 2016 that I do not have MS but I do have alot of spots on my brain for someone my age and that it was abnormal. She said it looked vascular to her and that I was pre-stroke and that I have alot of the risk factors. My question is I remembered months ago (after the mri) that I had an episode at work where my arm got extremely weak and I couldn't hardly lift it . It lasted less than 5 minutes. Could that have been a TIA? And if so what should I do?

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  • It's very possible that it could have been a TIA but it could relate to other things as well. I think the best advice would be to see your doctor again and explain this episode to him/ her. Better safe than sorry.

    Wishing you the best of luck with things

  • Thank you.

  • Talk to someone - today if possible. I think we all need to be pro-active regarding our health; it's your body and you know it better than anyone else.

  • Thank you.

  • Just heard this about TIA's


    It's quite upsetting but poinniant sorry for spelling.

  • I couldn't get the video to play. Can you tell me alittle bit about what it says?

  • Tell your doctors straight away if anything like that occurs. If they don't know about symptoms, they are in the dark & if they don't have all the information they can't help you.

    Go back to your neurologist & ask for more tests.....any feeling of weakness in limbs needs investigation,

    Good news you don't have MS, but looks like something is going on...so get back to your doctors.

  • Thank you.

  • Also, do you think even though that episode happened months ago, could it still be relevant?

  • Yes..any unexplained neurological symptoms need investigating.

    You say you had a diagnosis of MS, but that was incorrect,. You need more tests to explain what's going on. If I were you I'd have a word with your GP &'ask him/her to refer you to a different consultant.

  • Ok thank you for the advice.

  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. Please notify your neurologist about the arm weakness. Anytime you think something is "odd" don't dismiss it.

    I'm curious as why your neurologist changed her mind a year later. You wrote "...She said it looked vascular to her ..." does this mean she is 100% sure you don't have MS?

    I'm wondering why or who diagnosed you with MS last year? The reason I am curious about this is because back in 1991 I had an MRI that showed ms plaques. Surely mri imaging is more advanced today. Did you also have your spine tapped to verify the MS diagnosis?

    All the best to you


  • I had a brain mri done in March of 2016 it suggested that i have ms so I went to a neurologist who did many test including spinal tap and they were normal except my rheumatoid factor was high which it would be because I was diagnosed with RA almost 5 years ago. So he ruled out ms. I kept having some problems and other doctors of mine told me to pursue a diagnoses of ms so I went to a ms/neurologist specialist and she ordered a mri of my cervical and thoriac spine and 2 blood tests which was all normal. She did look at my brain mri from over a year ago andsaid it was not ms it is vascular and that i am pre-stroke and that i have alot of the risk factors and me having ra makes the risk even higher. So after my visit I remembered what happened at work months after I had the brain mri and called to tell her but her nurse said she would probably tell me to see another neurologist because she specializes in ms and I don't have ms. So now I am wondering if what happened to me months ago was a TIA or not?

  • Oh my, how confusing. So you are left "hanging" . Some people with MS do have normal spinal tap results. I am not a doctor, I sell beer for a living, but you need to find out for sure what is going on. Please ask your GP for a second opinion. I would also ask the difference between MS lesions & TIA lesions on a MRI.

    Contacting your local MS society could help you with sorting this out.

    I wish you well and you are in my thoughts.


  • Thank you, Sue

  • You've received sensible advice from the others Zeke-17. You may find asking your question of the members on the Healthunlocked Different Strokes site to be helpful too, they may recognise, even have experienced what's concerning you, this link will take you to the site healthunlocked.com/differen...

    I hope your concerns aren't realised & wish you all the best in finding out just what's going on.

  • Thank you for the information.

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