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MRI and possible diagnosis RA


Feeling very new to this all and hoping someone might be able to help. Long story short I have been having shoulder pain for years, increasing the flare ups are more intense. Finally seeing the doctors who referred me to the physio and for an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed up erosion on both of my shoulders, despite having pain mostly in the right shoulder only. A referral to the rheumatologist resulted in serveral blood tests, an examination and an X-ray, and now an MRI scan which I am waiting for.

I believe the rheumatologist is looking for evidence of rheumatoid arthritis, and only really seemed concerned about the erosion on the bone. Really hoping for a diagnosis of some description and some treatment that may resolve the pain. Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience or any ideas what an MRI would do to help the diagnosis?


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There are lots of different types if inflammatory arthritis.

I'm due an mri if my back (I have a suspected psoriatic arthritis) though it's pretty much in the bag now, the mri will show up any damage to the spine. Back issues common In Psoriatic arthritis.

Both my shoulders are damaged.

What are you having an mri on?


The MRI is for my shoulder, so hopefully should show up the damage clearer than the ultrasound


All damage is not identical. Apparently an experienced radiographer can tell the difference between damage caused by wear & tear, inflammation, infection and so on.

Do you know what your blood tests results were? As if you are negative for antibodies and inflammation markers then the doctor will need evidence from the MRI to make a diagnosis.

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I don't have the specific results from my blood test, i'll have to ask next time, but from what I understand mostly normal, the rheumatologist issued some more bloods last time I visited so yet to find out those results. That's useful to know, hopefully a combination of bloods and the MRI will achieve a diagnosis!


As I understand it MRI gives much more info that ultrasounds. Good luck 2u


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