I am a weirdo

I am a weirdo

Well it seems that once again my body is doing something weird and so far no one seems to know why. I have had another episode of losing the sight in my right eye so have been off for an MRI of my brain and eye test. Good news is no retinal detachment and I get results tomorrow of MRi but my guess is it will be normal. So that just leaves the question WHY????? Freaks me out a little that it may happen when I am driving and it won't just be one eye. eeeekkkkk I am such a weirdo!!!!!

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  • Hope you get some answers soon, Could it be Migraine? 'tho I expect you've already been asked that about that. Must be quite scary for you. Wishing you all the best. Smiler x

  • Hi Smiler, I have neck issues, so I am guessing it is a blood flow and nerve thing so probably not much they can do anyway. GP put me on migraine pills in case it was that, but they have done nothing really expect make me really tired. Just what I need on top of terrible RA fatigue hahahha.

  • I hope you receive some answers SOM, can't be easy & the worry won't be helpful. Let us know when you know something won't you?

  • Thanks Nomoreheels. Funnily I am not worried at all. Maybe because I have had so many weird things I just sort of go Oh well that's a new thing. My GP is a bot freaked though hahah I am flying to another city fir a few days on Friday and he said if anything happens when you are away the Drs will freak when they see you. hahahahah

  • I responded to Twicthy below but there is some sort of inflammation in my right frontal lobe and once again it is a mystery as to what may be causing it. Oh well here we go again hahahahha I don;t care I am off to Melbourne tomorrow to catch up with two of my kids and a DiL and to see the David Bowie exhibition so I don;t care. It can do it;s worst, I am going.

  • So disappointing & a tad concerning when there's no specific causal answer. You enjoy your time in Melbourne, I'm sure they're looking forward to your visit as much as you are. :)

  • Ah well not much I can do. I have to do fasting bloods when I get back for cholesterol and glucose but I told him I am not keen on going on statins due to their side effects, especially the dementia one, and it is yet another bleedin tablet. I take handfuls now. aghhhhh

  • I know what you mean. I've relatively recently started statins due to slightly raised cholesterol. My GP gave me the opportunity to try to reduce it by diet for 3 months & I really did try hard but my LDL level increased so I agree do what you can to not take another tablet but I'd little option. I have family history both sides & of course had a scare with my h with his heart op & he avoids fats, has done all his life but again he has family history both sides. I'm only on low dose & apart from muscle pain from the first one tried I've had no ill effects from the one I take now. The most trouble I've had with them is getting the thing out of the blister pack, it's stupidly fiddly! I think you've to weigh up pro's & con's for you personally & listen to any advice you ask for to make your decision.

  • He told me blindness may be an option if this is related to hypertension. hahahah Gee choices choices......

  • No, you do have an option, please do take whatever's thrown at you, beta blockers ACE inhibitors, anything that will treat your hypertension, they're your choices.

  • I am already on blood pressure medication, had to cut it back as it was having some very strange effects on me. I was just doing some reading about what the MRI report said demyelnation and it kept linking back to enbrel causing MS. The symptoms sort of fit and the radiologist asked me if my GPO thought I had MS, I said no no one has mention that. Guess I will see what the rheumy says next week about it when I have my appointment. i will take the report with me.

  • Possibly needs reviewing? Hope your Rheumy is able to throw more light on demyelination & if Enbrel is the cause? I truly hope not SOM. Do update us after your appointment won't you?

  • That would be the icing on the cake wouldn't it if enbrel has caused MS. Oh dear oh well I am not going to think about it I am off to have a lovely 4 days with some lovely people and to see the David Bowie exhibition Woo hoo.

  • I think that's wise. I hope you have a lovely time. :)

  • Thanks Nomoreheels. I hope to. Can;t wait to see my kids it has been a long time.

  • How long has it been?

  • You sound cheerful enough - I hope you are really! And I hope that they can sort you out soon. XX

  • Yes I am, no point worrying. I am just over the weird stuff. I want to be normal, what ever that ishahahah

  • I hope this just goes right back to where it came from SOM as it sounds horrid and terrifying too. As you probably know I had two stroke like episodes recently and no one got to the bottom of them either. Like you I also felt quite detached and shruggy while my husband and son both panicked!

    Fingers crossed that nothing more goes wrong. I think most of my weirder symptoms go back to medication but will only know this for sure once I finally get off steroids! Txx

  • Well apparently I am baffling them again as there are some sort of indication of inflammation in my right frontal lobe but GP has no idea if it related to my neck and causing inflammation from that or a type of migraine from neck or some type of stroke type stuff or inflammation as part of my RA. Gee I think I will make up a coloured wheel and put a pin in the middle and spin it to see which one comes up hahahahah

  • Hiya really scarey..but I am under investigation for artrtiltis vascular of the temporaral vein & TMJ.

    Do you have earache/jaw pain/headaches.

    MRI very soon of the jaw/ears/neck to include arteries ..

    Let us know how you get on

    Lots of hugs

  • They did the brain and all sorts of things. GP is a bit flummoxed, so yes I am a weirdo. hahaha There are a few spots of something or other that indicate inflammation of some sort in my right frontal lobe. Could be migraines from my neck problem, could be pre stroke stuff, but my arteries and stuff are all lovely and clean and clear, could be from the RA. He doesn't know. I am booked to see a neurologist at the hospital but it could take a year to get in. so I guess I just wait and see what happens. I am not too fazed, it is just one more thing to deal with. ho hum.

  • Hi good on you being perky..when we get cross over conditions makes thongs more complex & where next to look to add to existing problems to call us all weirdos .I always laugh when a new problem is found !!

    Lots of hugs

  • Thanks. Yeah I have had so many weird things the last three years I just take it in my stride now and like you I just laugh about it. No point worrying it won't change anything. I guess someone will figure out what it is along the line.

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