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Today I have on 3 occasions been stared at incredulously after I have said something at work. Each time I apparently used a word that was completely not in context. I had no knowledge of this and thought I had made sense. So my brain is thinking of one word but a completely different word comes out of my mouth. Later I tried to get into my car and couldn't work out why it was still locked. I then worked out that it wasn't my car, it was just a similar size and the same colour. Thank goodness I didn't trigger the alarm.

I am putting this down to brain fog post methotrexate injection. Does anyone do similar things and has anyone got other examples of brain fog?

Jacey15 xXx

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  • I had similar problems a while ago & still do but less frequently nowadays though the odd random word sneaks in without being invited. I've never worked out if it's my meds (I'm on MTX too) pain relief or what. I posted about it & it would seem we're not alone, it's here if you'd like to read it

  • My family can tell me something and in ten minutes it has gone into the ether.xxxxx

  • Hi Jacey15. I don't think I use the wrong word but I get half way through a sentence and cannot think of the name of something. As for names!! My daughter is great as she just says the word for me but I need to have a conversation with my husband as he gets impatient with me which doesn't help.

    I often worry that it might be dementia so am always reassured when others on methotrexate report the same thing.

  • Hi all, What a relief! I'm currently off all meds but my brain is useless. I can be doing something on my computer at work knowing what I have to do next but by the time I've clicked on it (matter of seconds) it's gone! Some words and names just won't come to mind. I'm 62 but thought I still had all my marbles, but recently I'm beginning to wonder.

  • Hi Benjijen - Try some Ginko Biloba? It does help quite a bit... I used it when I was having the same issue with the MTX. Also, just a thought - you might check your candida levels? There is a really easy little home test you can do with just a glass of water, and first-thing-in-the-morning spit ( I know - ewww...). If you search for both the test and the brain fog, it will tell you how to tell if you are positive or not. If you are, there are lots of ways to help cure it, but mainly cut down on sugar.. I'm sorry this is happening. The meds can be our friends and at the same time cause other things we never expected...

  • Join the club. It is funny sometimes and worrying at others but as we all experience mxt brain at least we know it isn't anything more sinister.

  • What is my excuse - not on any meds as still not confirmed ra (awaiting flare/consultant appointment whichever comes first) I start conversation and cannot remember what I was talking about, called my daughter but used my name instead of hers, get in a room and cannot remember why I went there, and as for talking well think I am making my own language up, words come out all jumbled up i.e. wanted milk could only think of cow and asked for mook luckily it was only to my husband.

  • Yes, same here. I forget words sometimes eg when writing an email, the word I'm looking for just doesn't pop up in my brain, it's blank.

    The strangest brain fog effect was a few months ago when I woke up feeling nice and relaxed with it being Saturday until my hubby told me it was Monday. That shocked me as I was certain it was Saturday, I had to check online what the date/day was.

    I wasn't on MTX at the time, so put it down to 'background' inflammation/pain. It must take a chunk of brain to process that so there's not so much 'free space' for normal things...that's how I figured it anyway :-)

  • Hi,

    I have had similar experiences and recently been diagnosed with fibromyalga as well as RA and associated conditions. I was advised the fibro could cause brain fog but also medication can as I take a lot that can cause drowsines and when I get over tired my words do not come out right. Stress does make it worse so try not to worry and hopefully you will get lots of support from your employer.


  • Thanks for taking the time to reply, it is reassuring to hear of others experiences. I think if I wasn't so darn tired all the time I would make more sense too.

  • Oh I have this right now - my sister asked why do I keep asking the same question when she only answered it 5 minutes ago 🤔 I drove to her house today which I have done for years - I ended up in the town 4 miles past her turning, and I really couldn't remember how I got there😳😳😳 it really freaked me out .......... please things have to improve ? I hope 😘😘

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