Shoulders to arms to wrists

My gp came out to do a home call as i have severe spinal stenosis, now on the top of this during the night more so how ever can feel it all day do specially if i move or twist quick i het a pain that hurts i cant dress myself with iT and my docter who looked at my arms and examined them could not get over how tender they were and said he needed to do tests district nurse is coming to take bloods and then he may send me for yet another mri scan,has anyone else had this also now i am getting breathless alot finding it hard at times to breathe is this down to morphine and gabapentin do you no thank you

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  • Can't answer and sending you hugs. I know they cannot relieve pains but at least you know we all care.

  • Thank you thats very kind to spend time putting that thank you xx

  • Hi missdiane

    Poor you! Hope the gp has come to some conclusion about your pains. Maybe you have a virus? My mum woke up in pain at Xmas unable to get out of bed, she had a nasty virus and after a few days rest she picked up. It scared her.

    Sending big gentle hugs.

    Love KiKi x

  • Thank you no they think it could be bone or spine ect related had more bloods done and going for another mri scan its been a little better today but coming back as we speak worse thing is ,is for getting and reach back in the car or trying to move the hair out of my eye the pain makes me yell out but thank you ladies means alot xx

  • I hope the doc gets to the bottom of your arm pain soon miss Diane sounds dreadful. Only time I've been breathless is when I'm anxious. And your arm hurting to move your hair out of your eyes was exactly how it was for me when I had drug induced lupus about 8 years ago. I was so stiff my muscles were very sore. Have the nurses been to do your bloods?

  • No what a mix up gp had rung them e mailed whatever they do to the distict nurse however i rung them and they said they did no but did not no what bloods the gp wanted testing for so i bit the bullet and went up to the nurse yesterday where she did them although i was with my husband i was in so much pain all over,then today knock on the door i went on my stair lift to find a nurse wanting bloods what a joke,tonight i felt one of my good days so hubby helped me in car with my sticks and we went to see my beautiful stepfather whos in a home with severe alzimers and my hubby wheeled me in with my wheelchair i have nt seen hime him for several weeks and he remembered me how lovely it was to sit and hold his hand and for a few minutes i felt relived xx

  • Their disorganisation doesn't in still much confidence does it? 😁

    Glad you managed a trip out, although painful just to get out of the house can lift ones spirits!

    I hate being stuck inside.

  • It was well worth the pain to see him and did lift my spirts mum is 73 and she well needed a break from going and with him and myself its been and is very hard on her i can see in her face when she sees me how she feels my pain ad with my hubby anyway it gave her a break today ,my hubby does it every week to give her a break but it was nice to join him,so what exactly as been wrong with your health if you dont mind me asking xx

  • I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • And what are the symptoms of that and does it stop you working ect x

  • Hi

    Here is a link about RA

    The national rheumatoid arthritis society( NRAS) run this online forum.


  • I think i could have this hes testing me anyway so no thurs if not before,its funny one of the symptoms is pericarditis and i suffer with that and have flare up where i just cant move stand anything and it takes lots of painkillers slow movement before i can stand i scream with pain it is not always like that always a pain but not these flares 24/7 does this sound correct my legs ect always aching more,so in bed xxx

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