Mtx and colds

Mtx and colds

Morning all😀

I'm full of a nasty cold ,tight chest, sore throat,runny nose, ect.. You get the picture😷

I'm due to take my Mtx tomorrow and I'm feeling a bit anxious as to whether it's a good idea when I'm feeling so poorly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as ever.

I wanted to share this amazing picture of the sunset at my place last night. Gentle hugs x

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  • I've always been advised by my doctor not to take methotrexate if you have any infections. Maybe you should ring your doctor for advice. I had a chest infection and had to stop all my medication for three weeks.

    Hope you feel better soon


  • Thanks Trish,

    I've just left a message with the rheumy team to see if they have any advice. I've only been on mtx for 11 weeks so I'm reluctant to stop as I'm still waiting for it to start working. But as I also have asthma I'm mindful that I need to be carful with chest infections.

    Ohhhh the dilemma's of a not very patient patient !

  • It's really difficult dealing with RA but one day it will get better. Just keeping going !

  • Thanks Trish,

    I'm sure we're all really good at keeping on going, judging by all the posts here. The alternative just isn't a option😊 xx

  • I've not had a cold for a while touch wood, hand sanitizer seems to help, that or good luck but when I do 9 times out of 10 it goes to my weak spot, my chest. At the first signs of wheeziness I see my GP (or ask for a telephone consultation if there's nothing available that day) who prescribes antibiotics & it depends on which whether I inject that week or not, also if I'm poorly with it as colds do differ. Like you I'm on MTX but you're asthmatic so do see your GP at the first sign of it going on your chest or if you suspect a bacterial infection, best catching it early than risk potential problems. Keep warm & snuggle down if you're feeling rotten. A warming drink of honey (manuka if poss for it's antibacterial properties), fresh lemon & hot water will help ease your tight chest, it tastes good too!

    Have you had the flu vaccination? You may already be listed at your surgery with also being asthmatic but if not it might be an idea to request you have it annually. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thanks so much nomoreheels

    Plenty of really good advice☺

    I was supposed to have the flu jab this week but I cancelled it due to my cold. I have just come back from the shops buying honey and lemon, I don't really rate them lemsip things, it's just paracetamol with honey and lemon flavour. I'd much rather have the real thing and take a few paracetamol if needed.

    I debating having the day off work tomorrow to give myself a good few days rest, but I hate having time off. My hubby is insisting I don't go in so I may listen to him😉.

    The rheumy nurse I spoke to today advised me to miss tomorrow's dose if I'm wheezy, so to be on the safe side I won't take tomorrow's mtx.

    Best wishes to allxxxx

  • Yes, I'd do the same, have the flu jab when you're feeling less full of cold. I'm the same with otc cold 'remedies', never had one, far nicer to make your own, maybe even add a tot if you're feeling the need?! Talking about paracetamol, do you have a thermometer just to keep an eye your temp? Something to consider having in at some point if you don't. Listen to your h, he knows best lol!!! And a week off MTX won't harm. x

  • Nmh! Are you psychic??

    My daughter has a baby thermometer, I've just borrowed it! 😂 😂. No temperature so that's good. Think I will have a hot toddy as well, with no mtx tomorrow it won't hurt 😋xx

  • No I can't claim that but pleased you don't have a temp. x

  • NMH

    Good luck today with your appointment, I hope you get listened to and it's a positive experience for you.


  • Thank you so much gwynedd. x

  • I've been a bit under the weather with mild flu virus (I didn't realise it was as bad as that because we just keep going don't we?) but that's what dr said. Anyway, rheum nurse said no mtx

  • Thanks Elmo,

    I think that might be what I have, ive decided to take the day off work and give in 😴

    Hope you get better soon x

  • Best advice is to contact your RA consultant or nurse. They know you and are in the best position to guide you. All the very best.

  • I've had a cold too, and didn't know whether ti take my mtx or not when it first broke. In the end I did take it but rested up all weekend. I was busy in work so I went back in on Monday. I'm okay but pretty knackered!

    It has to be said I don't have any chest problems, so in your case I think you've done the right thing!

  • Had chest infection a couple of weeks ago as I was due to go on holiday went to doctor and gave me antibiotics after calling consultant and told to stop methotrexate and Cimzia injection while taking antibiotics and only go back on them when I felt better because of the immune system being surpressed. Good luck and hope u feel better soon.

  • Thanks guys, I'm planning oh taking it easy this weekend. I need to be back in work for Monday really. Conserve my energy, good excuse to get the hubby to do the weekends housework 😉😉

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