Red palms and pain

Hi, my husband has RA plus carpal tunnel in both hands, one hand has been operated on and the other operation is in June, still in a lot of pain in both hands which the palms are bright red and sore. Is it the methotrexate, steroids, hydroxychloroquine or the ibuprofen causing the redness? Or is it the RA? What can I do to help him? I'm at a loss:( Thank you to anyone who can help me to help my husband who is really low .

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  • To be truthful I don't know..but I have had red palms for a long time, both on & off Dmards.

    I too have had one carpal tunnel surgery & to be honest it's not much better than the other wrist.

    But athough my wrists are sore ( less so now on RTX) my palms aren't sore, they just feel hot some of the time....I am presuming it's the RA itself rather than any drugs.

    Have you asked your husband's Rheumy nurse her opinion.....I find the nurses are very good with little tips on how to deal with situations like this, whereas the rheumies just dismiss it.

    Hope he gets some relief after the surgery in June.

  • Thank you

  • Hi,

    A cool soak in a bowl of water may temporarily help and asking advice from a medical person would be advisable.

    All the best


  • Thank you

  • My physio told me to freeze uncooked rice in an ice cream box and stick my hands in it when very red and hot

  • Thank you,we'll try that.

  • My palms are permanently red and have been for years now. I developed psoriasis many years ago and it flares up (adding white coloured spots filled with clear liquid and itchy) when there is something wrong with my body (i.e. I'm ill but don't necessarily know it!). I also have it on my feet. There is little that can be done with it, but if it flares up with the white spots see a dermatologist who should be able to prescribe a cream with cortisone.

  • My oh doesn't have the white spots just red painful hands, burning from the inside and looking as if he's been scalded.

  • Thanks, will do.

  • I have red blotchy palms too. I have been told that it is due to the RD. I still had it when they told me that I was in remission and took me off all the drugs for a few years - although I didn't believe I was in remission as I was still getting minor flares then. Then I had a major flare that no-one could ignore as RD and was restarted on DMARDs.

  • What did you take to soothe the pain? So sorry to hear RA came back😡

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