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Rheumatoid Arthritis and CT scan

Hi all, I am new to this, I was diagnosed about 8 months ago and I am pleased to say doing well with my meds ! The only thing that has concerned me is that I have a chest x-Ray and two CT scans and a module has been found ! They have said I need another scan in 6 months as this needs to be monitored ! I am so scared it may be something but have been told I have to live with unknown for 6 months !!! I feel terrible ! Anyone else been down this road with RA. Thanks inadvance

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  • Yes, exactly the same....I was sent for a CT scan because I was extremely breathless, and the scan found a nodule. Since it was only a single nodule the protocol is to do another one 6 months later, even tho' the radiologist told me that it was extremely unlikely that it was anything more than the after effects of an infection in my youth rather than the start of something sparked off my the RA. However, as an ex-smoker they were taking no risks.

    Anyway, I had the second CT scan last week and it was exactly the same as 6 months ago. So panic over. Chances are that it will be the same for you.

  • I had nodules on my lungs when first diagnosed and was given steroid infusions to help clear them. Perhaps with just one they don't feel you need this yet, but will monitor. It's not something else, and may disperse with your other meds. Speak to your medical team to put your mind at rest. Good luck 😊.

  • If you do a search on here I think you will find quite a few people have had similar experiences with a nodule being found, so try not to think the worst!

  • Thankyou so much you have been such a big help to me ! I have been so worried I will just have to try and be more positive and keep in mind that all will be good ! Bless you and hope all is going well ! I will let you know how things go with next CT scan in 6 months! Takecare

  • Please don't worry. I have same thing!!! Nodules can be due to so many different things and many of us with autoimmune conditions have them. They watch mine once a year now and apparently it hasn't grown.

  • Thankyou for your kind words as I said I am new to this forum and I have found it so reassuring to be able to get such positive info ! I really will have to try to put this to the back of mind as the I can't carry on feeling so anxious for the next 6 months not knowing if it's anything nasty !!!!! But I will speak to my RA consultant next month ! Thanks again and hope u r doing well ! Takecare

  • Don't ever worry & suffer for it, ask! They don't always say, as you might not want to know - so you do so ask! Either your Dr or ask for an appointment with your consultant x

  • Hi Greys thankyou so much for your advice ! I have an appointment with my consultant in 2 weeks so I will speak to her then ! When I saw the chest consultant who showed me the nodule on the scan they never made me aware that the RA could cause this I had to find out for myself ! They had NO reassuring words at all ! What a terrible situation to put someone in ! Thanks and will keep u updated ! Takecare

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