Well it has finally arrived the brown enverlope saying My DLA is ending I if I intend claiming PIP I need to contact them by the 9th of December.

I would appreciate any advice from anyone who has been through the process. I know a few of you have had sleepless nights over it.

At the moment I get the higher rate mobility so have a car and the middle rate care component.

I have started taking the biologic Cimza in June this year and while it has helped greatly reducing the swelling I get break through pain and extreme tiredness.

But I wonder because I take a biologic if it will go against my claim.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I have a diagnosis of Ra Lupus and osteoarthritis .I know it is not what you are diagnosed with but how it affects you.

Take Care everyone.

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  • citizensadvice.org.uk/benef... hope this helps gather as much evidence for you claim as you can and get help with the forms

  • Thank you Junebee,

    for replying any pointers in the right direction are really appreciated.

  • I have received my final big brown scary envelope, I've had sleepless nights, I was awarded enhanced rate for both, what relief that was. Bearing in mind I do have Dementia and when I was given a date they would come to my flat for the interview, at the time the woman call and he looked like a Matron from an asylum. lol but she was very matter of fact and it was scary. when I received the big brown envelope I called welfare rights to help me with the forms, well he filled them in lol, he did mention letters of proof of disability, maybe the specialist consultant and your GP to verified your illnesses if multiple. I think in all cases is to get as much evidence as possible.

    Good luck and I sincerely hope that you get what you applied for and need.


  • Thank you Phil. Glad to hear you were awarded the enchanted rate.

    Your reply brought a smile to my face especially the matron from the asylum. Hattie Jaques springs to mind.

    I do have all my consultant letters from when the RA started.

    I also intend contacting Works and Pensions for advice.

    So I will be as proactive as possible.

    Best wishes


  • That's great news Philip hope it a long award

  • 10 woke years, lol and by then I won't really a $[-] t.

  • Take a look at benefitsandwork.co.uk/ website

    They have a Lot of advise re how to complete the forms, what to expect during the assessment , the points system, how to appeal if needed, etc

  • Thank you will do.

  • Get someone to help you with forms. Gather as much info as possible. It all seems a bit hit and miss with regards to benefits.

    When you go for interview make sure that you take someone with you. I had to go on my own because I live on my own, and all my friends were working. I dragged my a😳Rs😳 On two buses, was clearly in agony when I arrived. The fact That I had managed on my own was held against me! There was no recognition at all for the fact that I had no choice but to make it.

    I have an appointment for ESA next week. I will drag someone off the street to come with me if I have to!

  • Thank you Nettie,

    Very helpful. Sounds like you had a hell of a time.. And best wishes and good luck with your ESA appointment.

    As you say it seems to be hit and miss and very inconsistent

  • Hi smithfield It should not go against.I have been on tocilizumab bad spelling for years but agony with my feet like everyone says take someone with you and say it how it is on your worst days i received enhanced rate for both so the very best of luck xx

  • Thank you Beeckey. Worry not about the spelling. I struggle with the spelling and pronunciation of most of mine was grateful to be prescribed Cimzia. I can spell it.!

    Thank you that is reassuring to know you also take a biologic and it did not count against you.

    My toes are actually deformed with the RA so mobilising proves difficult. Same with my hands except I don't walk on them.

    Thank you for taking the time for replying.

  • I have my PIP from DLA tomorrow, I cannot drive for a long period, so husband is having to come with me. They did say in the letter with appointment date and place, if you could not drive, try coming by train or bus, i could not use this method, to difficult for me to use.

    I did ask for no stairs, so hoping there will be none, as it could take me an hour or so just to get up them. Wish me luck

  • Best wishes hope all goes well. Let us know how it goes.

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